Friday, October 24, 2014

Covers - Naomi Campbell Goes Nude For Vanity Fair Magazine

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Naomi Campbell may be 44 years old but she is still as fabulous, if not more, as any 20 year old model out there. The supermodel covers the November 2014 issue of Vanity Fair magazine in Spain.

On the cover of the magazine, she goes completely nude with only a satin blue sheet held against her breasts and the front of her body to cover her. Check out more pictures below...

Photo Credits - Nico/Vanity Fair


  1. The heading is very misleading. Naomi is not NUDE. that means NO clothing. she appears to have clothing in the pictures so I hope that is not the headline that publications are using. When i seen it i'm saying to myself, Vanity Fair is about NUDE pictures now. What the heck!! but as i look at a few of the pic i seen no nudity unless the blogger author decided not to showcase the complete NUDE photos.

  2. I think she's nude, but just covered with a sheet, that's not dressed at all.

  3. well not completely nude, u know fashion has its own way of defining things. and in some of the pictures she was wearing designer cloths. its just a photo shoot anyways, i love the designs and the cloths look so good on her.

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