Saturday, October 18, 2014

Couple Stuck During Sex In The Sea Have To Be Separated In Hospital

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No, this is not Magun, or the Nigerian Thunderbolt. An Italian couple decided to turn a dip in the ocean into a discreet lovemaking session but ended up in hospital after they became stuck together.

According to an Italian newspaper, Il Mattino, this happened on a Porto San Giorgio beach and came to light because the couple's private business became public when they were forced to come to shore stuck to each other.

When the man noticed he was unable to detach his penis from her vagina, the pair managed to shuffle to shore like a four legged alien.

Luckily for them, there was a woman walking on the beach, who saw them and kindly gave them a towel to preserve what was left of their dignity.

A doctor was called and the young lovers were taken to a nearby hospital, where the woman was given an injection used to dilate the cervix of pregnant women. The doctor said the couple being unable to untangle their genitals was due to suction caused by the surrounding water.

I know sometimes people get stuck for many reasons during sex, but didn't know water causes this as well. All those romance novels, take note, LOL...


  1. This sounds like a made up story, where are the real pictures?

    1. Really? You want the real picture of a couple stuck in a sex position? Why? If you were in that position, would you want real pictures toted about? If you want a similar picture, I'm sure you know where you can find one.


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