Friday, October 31, 2014

Chichi Igbo Reacts to Hateful Meme Labelling Her A Dyke

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Nigeria is one of the homophobic countries in the world. In addition to the national assembly passing a bill making it illegal for homosexual relationships, and the president signing it into law, even individual Nigerians go as far as cyber bulling gays, both known and unknown.

I have not heard that Chichi Igbo, former player for the Nigerian national female football team ever came out as lesbian, and yet there is this meme going around calling her a dyke - a masculine lesbian.

Instagram user Louievree posted the meme on his IG page to a lot of likes and homophobic commentary from his followers. One of those followers actually knew Chichi Igbo and tagged her.

She tried to downplay the bullying by sharing the post on her own page and owning the boss title, but what is wrong is wrong.

Can we all learn to get along and respect each other and our individual lives and choices?

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