Monday, October 6, 2014

Chef Murders And Boils Girlfriend When He Finds Out She is Transgender, Then Kills Himself

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Marcus Volke, an Australian chef, has committed suicide after he murdered his trangender girlfriend, Mayang Prasetyo, then chopped up her body and boiled it on his stove. He cut his own throat when police came to investigate reports from other tenants of a bad smell coming from the apartment the couple shared.

Prasetyo, originally from Indonesia, reportedly met Volke while they were both working as chefs on a cruise ship.

Reports allege that the couple were not just living together but had actually been married, that Volke had been to the hospital claiming Prasetyo had cut his hand, and that Pratsetyo was actually a trans woman and a high-end sex worker.

"Mayang Prasetyo was charging up to $500 an hour for her services, marketing herself online as a 'top high-class Asian shemale," said the Courier Mail.

Cops visited the suburban apartment that Marcus shared with his girlfriend, after receiving reports of a rotting meat smell, "like off dog food," emanating from the building. Detectives say Volke fled from them, leaping over a balcony, and then slit his own throat in a nearby alley. His body was discovered in a trash bin.

Inside the apartment, police were reported to have found some parts of Prasetyo's dismembered body in a pot on the stove, boiled in "a chemical stew," and others in trash bags.

Residents of the apartment complex say the couple had just moved in recently, and had been arguing loudly a week before Volke's suicide.

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