Friday, October 31, 2014

Boko Haram Ravages Nigeria - Bomb Explosion In Gombe Claims 30, Mubi Taken Over

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Nigeria is again on fire after it seems the cease-fire declared by the federal government has failed to keep the Boko Haram terrorists at bay.

Doyin Okupe was acting all defensive in an interview I saw him in, where he tried to explain that Boko Haram works in factions and it appears they only spoke with one of the faction.

Well, whichever faction they spoke with must have been completely powerless! Not only are the Chibok girls not back as promised, cviolent attacks have escalated in the north-east of the country, as gun men loot, kill, maim, attack and takeover towns at will.

These fresh new reports today from Gombe and Mubi are just so damning! According to Elombah;

A bomb was detonated in another crowded Bus station known as Gombe Line station situated Jeka da Fari area in the city center of Gombe metroplolis at about 10;30 am Friday.

A NEMA official from the scene of the blast said more than 30 people has died at first count.

"I have counted more than 30 dead bodies, but the death toll is likely to rise." The official said, while several others were seriously injured and were taken to the Federal Medical Centre and the Gombe Specialist Hospital.

Meanwhile, the territorial grab in Mubi is expanding.

The insurgents having captured Mubi the second largest town in the state have moved further to take over and hoist their flags in Vimtim hometown of Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh.

Report has it that the Nigerian Air Force for the past 24 hours launched a ferocious aerial bombardment against the insurgents even at the risk of losing their own personnels.

Since the attacks started some few days ago, there has been no official confirmation from the military on the situation in Mubi.

The military have suffered a serious setback in the ensuing engagement with majority of soldiers taking to their heels while the 234 Battalion Army headquarters was reportedly captured.

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