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Between Linda Ikeji and Mr Aye Dee - A Shocking Story of Love Gone Sour or Conspiracy?

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So Linda Ikeji is back on blogger after Google has supposedly reviewed her case and found her plagiarism or breach of terms not worthy of a blog deletion.

Linda has shared a story on her newly restored blog, sharing screen grabs of a chat she had with someone named Aye Dee where he reveals he is a former very close confidante of her whom she had begun to neglect. Out of a personal grudge when she wouldn't respnd to his emails, he decided to teach her a lesson.

Aye Dee released a series of tweets in rebuttal, saying it is all professional and there is nothing personal about it. Linda stole his copyrighted materials, and when she wouldn't respond to his efforts to contact her, he took the appropriate action.

However, you know how they say there are three sides to every story? I'm wondering from the facts available if it wasn't all a conspiracy, and maybe Linda may have removed her own blog as a publicity ploy hatched with Mr Aye Dee to further popularize her already runaway blog.

First and foremost, Linda had apologized for any plagiarism issues. Then she talks about her relationship with Mr Aye Dee. You can see the transcript and details of their EPIC chat on Linda's blog. Below is a summary.

"In 2009 or 2010…(not sure) a guy named Alex who used to run 1976AD blog contacted me. He said he was impressed with my work and wanted to encourage me to never relent. Alex Info 1976AD (how I knew him back then) and I became very good friends online. In fact he was my confidant. Every time I had questions or challenges, I would reach out to him.

By 2011, Alex 1976AD and I became quite close…online. We even exchanged numbers and spoke a few times. He always reminded me how proud of me he was. He told me I would one day become a phenomenon. I wasn’t number one at the time but he told me that I would one day be the biggest news site in Nigeria…that he believed in me that much. He was my friend, my supporter; he sent me news to post on my blog. He wanted me to succeed. He told me things to do to get more readers. He knew a lot about the internet and how it works so I always went to him for advice. He was my anchor.

In 2011, Alex 1976AD made me his blog’s Person of the Year 2011. I shared that post excitedly on my blog. He said I was the most deserving Nigerian for the award that year…and he wrote the most beautiful article about me. He was so proud of me…and never hesitated to tell me. I was grateful. I was happy to have him as a friend...even though we'd never met.

Then we stopped talking. I sincerely can’t remember when exactly. I know that Alex 1976AD tried to reach out to me mid last year…but I can’t remember if I responded. If I didn’t, it was an oversight. I’m really bad at replying mails because I get so many and I’m always busy blogging…but anyway.

On Wednesday around 2.07pm…my long lost friend Alex Info 1976AD contacted me via gmail chat. I was so happy when I saw his name pop up. I was like yay…Alex 1976AD! He would know what I should do in this situation. I thought he was reaching to me after all this while because he’d seen all the craziness going on and wanted to lend support…but what he said to me next shocked me to my bone marrow. He said ‘I hope u’re sitting down’. Thankfully I was because I would have literally fallen if I hadn’t been sitting.

You see, my good friend and biggest supporter Alex 1976AD told me he was Mr Aye Dee. The same guy who started this. The guy that got Google to shut down my blog. It wasn’t about plagiarism or copyright infringement…it was about a scorned former friend. It was about love turning to hate because he felt I’d abandoned him after I became big.… The last time he tried to contact me was on July 12th 2013...before reaching out again on Wednesday..."

During the chats, Linda and Mr Aye Dee supposedly hashed out their personal issues. They then kissed and made up and agreed on a joint story to put out to the public.

Do you want to know where Linda's story breaks down? There's no way she is chatting with an Aye Dee and not suspect it is the same as the one harassing her on Twitter.

Well, this is Mr Aye Dee's take on the whole matter. He also admits he previously knew Linda.


  1. I also found it strange that she is chatting with him with his name shaowing and she still asking, are you Aye Dee?

  2. This is 100% certified bull shit.

    1. Are you Mr Aye Dee? You and Linda can lie for Africa. I read somewhere you are her bobo, true or false?

  3. how come d screenshots is showing Ayedee not Alex 1976AD? dis linda wil do well in acting. shes keeps lying. first it was she couldnt get a domain to register meaning she registered since last yr. check whois record.
    most of her fans r gullible sha n keep swallowin all d shits she says

    1. the story just reeks of all shades of lies. this woman will do anything for fame. and i think her beef is with google. they must have threatened to shut her down and then she started all this drama. that was why google responded. she forgets that people are smart. you claim someone messed up your life work of 8 years and yet when he confessed you shook hands with him and started planning a comeback. then you forgot that in the whole conversation you stupidly showed us your plans. mtsheeew! abeg make she park well. i never liked her but right now i've lost all respect for her. she gives nigerians bad name and honest hardworking women a bad face.

  4. I don't even know who to believe again. The more we talk sef, the more money Linda is raking in.

  5. Use your critical thinking skills to analyze this story unbiasedly; it is as it is. I'm pretty sure this is no conspiracy. What's the motive? fame? She has that already, she has millions of hits. Money? makes more money than she can spend. Apart from JimIkye/Nadia, or TBJoshua, most Nig celebrities are too dumb or fearful to plan up conspiracies, esp of this volume. And if u are her reader over years, you'll know Linda is very simple minded, ignorant and even naïve. Just some hussler girl who got lucky! And doesn't have entrepreneur skills, so all she does is spend. And of course, that doesn't go down well with some persons.

    If you read Wole Soyinka's paragraph on the Muhtkar Dan'Iyan guy, then you'll know he has a shady character. So shady that the Prof saw right through it. He probably didn't bargain for all the curses he got on twitter, didn't know that Uduak the law blogger would trace and find out his IP address and all and make it public, that Pa Ikhide would make references to his past and all. Read his tweets; I followed it all, when people started abusing him, he roped in Elnathan, jeremyweate and sugabelly, without their knowing his motives. He denied owning That was why he reached out to Linda to save face! He wanted to prove to her that he can shut down the blog. Got his IT people to report to google.

    Read the transcript; he was desperate to save face. He also wants her trust, wants to be part of her team. Wants her love back. Wants to tell her about her 'enemies', lol, Pressured her for a reconciliation tweet. She kept screaming, is this you? This is a love-hate kinda guy, he can stalk and kill, and cry afterwards. A personality disorder. Not surprising, humans can be anything!

    Read the entire transcript again. It is very possible that Linda chatted with him back then, and today forgets the name AyeDee when he started his twitter fight. I know cos sth similar has happened to me. When internet chatting was very popular, in 2010-2012, I chatted a lot with people I didn't know personally and we became friends, online. I CANNOT remember all of them, even the friends, no mata how I try. I can however, go back in time to munch our chats on google, facebook, twitter or yahoo messenger, to find out any connection! I had this one male friend who had a main name and two alias names. We chatted a lot on facebook, became friends, exchanged poems and stories, encouraged each other and all. One day we had an argument, I deleted him. He came back under 2 diff aliases and added me back, before I discovered it was still him and deleted. Then he started stalking me all over the internet..
    Just last month, he sent me an email, probably cos he saw I was now in America. I'm a lot busier now, so it took me forever, I mean forever to remember this 'friend'. I had to really think. I screamed. So what if he was disturbing me on twitter, with one of the alias name he used years ago and I don't remember? then on going back in time to old emails, I find out I actually chatted with him years ago, under one of his alias names, and not remember that. It's very possible!

    Compare that with the volume of chats and emails Linda undergoes.. someone with millions of hits.. with some posts generating 5000-10000 comments. That's a lot of people! . So I believe in critical analysis friends and, I believe her. This is a slam-dunk!

    I respect Pa Ikhide a lot more. Given his age anyway, he has seen what we younger ones are yet to see. He saw right through the AyeDee guy, the sexism of it all, long before Linda released the transcript. #respect

    1. You've said everything I wanted to say. Why would Linda shut down her own blog?

  6. I don't know why so many people are expending energy on this topic. Is Linda paying them? Oh I forgot she is. Giveaway bribes.


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