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5 Steps for an Awesome, Cheap Destination Wedding in Sri Lanka

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While weddings are one of the most human of experiences, they can cost an arm and a leg to have. This is especially in the current world that glorifies glamorously expensive wedding ceremonies. But the choice of things for instance venue can heavily downplay the need to spend exorbitantly for your wedding. This is because, the best destinations like Sri Lanka already provide the ambience that wedding planners try to buy with money.

That said though, you may still learn that even with that advantage in Sri Lanka, a wedding budget may still hit the roof. There are a lot of enticing ways to overspend during weddings in Sri Lanka.

But in order to manage a cheap wedding in this awesome destination, for instance manage a less than LKR 150,000 budget without compromising on quality, you may need to arm yourself with some five basic and vital steps particular to Sri Lanka.

Define your goals 

As the first step, it entails clear understanding of what wedding memories you want to cherish later in future. You also may want to treat your guests to an unforgettable wedding in an exotic destination as Sri Lanka. Having a clear mind on this will help you with budget allocation on the most important aspects that will help your dreams come true and thus save you unplanned expenditures.

Hire a wedding planner 
It may sound ironic that hiring a wedding planner is a way of saving money. But this is one of the prudent ideas. Fortunately, despite wedding planners in Sri Lanka being impressively professional, they're affable and affordable.

They'll assist you with drafting correct budgetary allocation for all aspects of the wedding. By helping you make the cheaper choices for instance cheaper wedding travel and accommodation packages of say less than $200USD, perfect wedding night party, those you may never have discovered alone, you'll save a lot.

Carefully select your venue 
This may involve taking advantage of the numerous naturally occurring wedding locales in Sri Lanka. The fees are normally lower or none. These include:

Pristine and stimulating beaches of Sri Lanka; the country is rich in spectacular offshore beaches that include, Bentota, Beruwala, Lavinia, Kulatara among other beaches of the Sri Lank an coastline.

Wedding gardens are mostly situated in the outskirts of major cities and towns of Sri Lanka. Most are mostly bedecked with beautiful coconut groves and unique flora of Sri Lanka.

You may also wish to have a cheap wedding in a wedding resort or hotel. Rely on your wedding planner to guide you through making the choice. You will be able to make comparisons of various packages and pick suitable one according to your budget.

Get an excellent wedding photographer 

You will consider your wedding way cheaper if you can afford to revisit the awesome experience ages later - beyond that one grand day. Have it on video, send it to friends abroad and keep it for years to cherish.

Photography is therefore the last thing you want to get spoilt about your wedding. That's why you need professionals to do it, you can never rely on friends and relatives to do it on try and err using their phones. You risk a loss of great moments.

In Sri Lanka you can save yourself the agony by hiring professional wedding photographers. Your wedding planner will guide you through the choices and with as little as LKR20000, you can get a good deal.

Arrange for your travel
Finding reliable and memorable way to travel to your wedding in Sri Lanka will translate to a cheaper wedding. This entails researching suitable travel packages as well as reputable wedding car hire in Sri Lanka.

Also avoid the last minute rush that notoriously strike weddings. You need to escape the trap. The trick is to apply for Sri Lankan Visa early enough for all your bridal entourage in case there are coming in from abroad.

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