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5 Simple Guides To Appreciating Your Partner From Bedroom to Kitchen

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By Eniola Ake

Receiving love from your partner can be amazing, but do you know there's nothing sweeter than reciprocal love? Never get too comfortable in a relationship that it makes you feel that you are entitled to all that you are being given and even sometimes you forget to give in return.

Consciously begin to value your partner by focusing more on their strengths and ignoring some of their weaknesses. Remember what they say, that give and you shall be given. When you give, new doors automatically open for you in your relationship and you enjoy your partner even more.

How then can you appreciate your partner?

Bring in sex: sex is very important in a relationship especially when you’re married. Sex gives you this energy that overwhelms you and it is even a form of exercising your body. You become awaken and feel renewed. When the right things are not in place, then one could miss out on the fun. Some of these things include a worry free mind, being at peace with your partner, and when they are not in place you might not enjoy the fun that comes with sex which should lead to a heavenly love-making experience.

Sex is not dirty, so make the bedroom fun and experience something new every time you and your partner are having sex. Also, a way to show you appreciate your partner is to give them your body in its totality without hiding anything that could add fun and wow them.

Bring in food; men love food. Whether they eat small or eat large, no man wouldn’t get excited when he sees the food and tastes it as yummy. Step up your kitchen skills, learn new recipes, practice new recipes and explore new ways of cooking and adding spice to your food. Don’t bore your partner with old and same old recipes because he would get bored and worst off is he could go all out looking for new recipes. Don’t let your man become an out-eater. Learn to make the house comfortable with good meals that would make them even appreciate you better.

Bring in money; a way to show you appreciate your partner is to bring in money to the family pot. Many women work, but believe that their money belongs to them alone. Don’t be selfish like that and let all the responsibility rest on him. Learn to contribute to the upkeep of the house. Your man would appreciate you more if you contribute money to the running of the home, and that way there would be a balance of appreciation.

You don’t have to be a career wife or mother before you can contribute to the upkeep of the family, you can also be an entrepreneurial woman if that is the best way that works for your family. Think of ways you can earn a fee by doing what you love. Learn a skill or develop your natural skills that will make you proud of yourself.

Bring in fun; apart from fun from the kitchen, from the bedroom and money, bringing in fun is something you should consider doing in your relationship, no matter how small the fun might be, fun makes you feel good, it gives you the time to relax outside the work, the daily hustle and worry on how to cater for the home.

Let your partner experience fun in a new dimension, organize a small dinner party, check for nice places that offer deals such as subsided price than their usual price-a day at the spa, eating out at a restaurant, going to the beach and so on. Prepare an outdoor occasion or date that would make your partner appreciate the relationship much.

Bring in peace; An American author and relationship coach named Cheyenne Bostock said that men want three things; food, sex and peace of mind and I couldn’t agree more. Peace is something every man wants whether he is violent, nice, calm, outgoing, and aggressive, what you should do is to take time to understand your man’s form of peace.

Some men don’t like arguments and drama, some generate peace from having enough money, some others get peace of mind from sex, and some others just want to be in charge or control of the home that’s their own way of experiencing peace. So peace varies for different men. Understanding the type of peace your man wants is a way of showing you appreciate them.

When next you are about to complain about something your partner did wrong, look out for all the things he’s done right especially when the good things outnumber the bad ones.

I hope this article helps you. Always refer back to it and hold on to the points that mean the most to you. Have a blessed life.

Peace and love,
Eniola Ake

Eniola Ake is  psychologist by career, a writer by talent, a speaker on relationship, emotional health and unveiling potentials for youths and women. She blogs at

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