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18 Questions To Ask When Looking for a Wedding Venue

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By Kathreen Miller

Are you getting married soon and you can't decide on the venue to host your wedding? While selecting a venue for your wedding, don't let these important details slip from your mind or you'll have some serious wedding party jitters.

Usually when one selects a venue for wedding, he gets spellbound by the interiors of the place - shiny floorings, crystal chandeliers and inviting bar displays and forgets asking about things that matter the most.

Here is a list of 'must ask' questions before booking a venue for your wedding or reception or both.

Do they have any bookings on the dates decided by you. If yes, move to the next without wasting time on asking other questions.

How many people can be accommodated at the venue? If it suffices you, you can go ahead.

What is the rent? It is important that the venue fits in to your budget and not make holes in your pocket.

Do they have good decorators to provide you with the best decoration and have enough space to arrange both your wedding and reception party.

Do they provide welcome guest facilities like escorting your guests to the wedding hall.

Do they have ample parking space for your guests to park as lack of parking space can cause a lot of commotion. Moreover, everyone prefers a place where there is no trouble in parking vehicles.

Do they satisfy your space requirement. Enough sitting arrangement for your guests as they have in some weddding venues in Long Island.

Do they have a license to serve liquor. Do learn about the wide range of liquor that you require to serve your guests. Or if they allow bringing your own liquor, it will cost you much less.

Do they provide in-house caterers and if they have their own, are they good enough?

What is the cancelation policy? If at any given point of time, you are forced to cancel the wedding, then you must know the procedure and the remuneration you have to pay for cancelling the bookings.

Do they allow wedding planners from outside, if yes, then, do they provide assitants who can better guide the planner or who will take care of all the arrangements on the day of wedding.

Do they provide kitchen facilities for caterers if hired from outside or charge extra sum of money.

Do they have extra sitting arrangement to accomodate extra guests or hire chairs from another provider, as in the end, you would have to bear the extra charges for it.

Do they have enough washroom facilities as required for the guests.

Are there any hidden costs which you might have to pay after the wedding.

Do they have well fournished rooms for bride and groom to get dressed for wedding.

Do they have basic facilities like rest rooms near the wedding hall itself or the guests would have to walk half way across the venue to reach there.

Do they have arrangements for music or it needs to be hired from outside.

These are a few questions that you should always keep in mind and ask before booking a wedding or reception venue. Very few venues like wedding venues in Long Island are aestheticlly beautiful and have equally great services. Weddings are special in our lives and we would never want our special days to get spoiled due to negligence in arrangements and become cause of embarrassment for the rest of the life.

Kathreen is a professional blogger and possesses a very good knowledge about wedding venues . Her expertise include event planning and design, decorations, celebration ideas, party planning, catering, cuisine, etc.

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