Friday, October 31, 2014

Police Asks Drivers To Return Cash They Took After Armored Money Truck Accident

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Several thousands of dollars was scattered on the freeway today during morning commute on I-270 in Baltimore, Maryland after the door of an armored money truck burst open.

Police say commuters stopped right in the middle of the highway to grab the cash, adding that the money came from an armored car from the GardaWorld security company.

#LookuLooku - Don Jazzy And The Mavins Post Scary Pictures In New Trend

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@Donjazzy has created a new trend and the hashtag is now one of the top ones on Nigerian social media. The artists on the label including Don Jazzy himself, and Tiwa Savage above, have posted distorted pictures of themselves on Instagram with the tag #lookulooku. Now, they're encouraging their fans to do the same. Check out the others below...

Woman Charged With Having Sex With A Dog After Police Find Incriminating Videos On Her Phone

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25 year old Jenna Louise Driscoll has been charged with bestiality after police discovered three videos on her mobile phone which allegedly show her having sex with a dog.

She was originally being investigated for drug trafficking when officers searched her phone and reportedly discovered a number of shocking videos.

#SpaceShipTwo - Virgin Galactic Rocket Crashes In The US Mojave Desert

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The #SpaceShipTwo crash has rather put a damper on excitement about commercial space travel being safe and available within a few years. Virgin Galactic, a British spaceflight company with aims of bringing suborbital tourism flights to the public, says it has suffered an "anomaly" on one of it's space ships today during a test flight over the Mojave Desert in California.

Happy Halloween - Beyonce Dresses As Janet Jackson, Blue Ivy As MJ

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Beyonce has always been open about how much she has always loved Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson since she was a little girl. She is showing their influence this Halloween as she was spotted wearing Janet Jackson’s famous ‘Rhythm Nation’ costume last night.

And also Blue Ivy was dressed as Michael Jackson. She was photographed with Jay Z carrying her during a trick or treat outing. And also with her dressed up mama Bey.

#JollofGate - Showing Jamie Oliver Real Jollof Rice

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So #jollofgate is trending, because after weeks of a slow boil, west Africans are now simmering with anger that oyinbo whiteman britico Jamie Oliver dared to cook where he did not parboil. Pun aplenty, yeah? That how unserious I think this hashtag is.

Because is there really a "real jollof rice"? Below are some of what I've cooked and called jollof rice in my time.

Yahoo Travel Writer Says “Lagos, Nigeria is the Worst Place on Planet Earth”

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Lee Abbamonte recently visited Lagos through the Nigeria-Benin border and his experience is not one he hopes to experience ever again. The travel writer for Yahoo also wouldn't want anyone else to go through that same hell as he called Lagos, "the worst place on planet earth."

Chelsea Handler Protests Instagram Topless Policy Over Russian President Putin

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Chelsea Handler must be missing the attention from her recently concluded talk show, because the shock jock has now gone on a social media offensive against Instagram on their topless policy against women's posted pictures.

Boko Haram Ravages Nigeria - Bomb Explosion In Gombe Claims 30, Mubi Taken Over

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Nigeria is again on fire after it seems the cease-fire declared by the federal government has failed to keep the Boko Haram terrorists at bay.

Doyin Okupe was acting all defensive in an interview I saw him in, where he tried to explain that Boko Haram works in factions and it appears they only spoke with one of the faction.

Willow Smith Goes With Nude Cover For New Music - Female Energy Freestyle

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Willow Smith went with a surprisngly grown up cover as she drops a couple of new single ahead of the release of her new LP - 3. Willow turned 14 years old today, and the music are like an early celebration.

The first, a freestyle titled "Female Energy," samples lyrics from Jhene Aiko’s “The Pressure”, and the other track "Cares" are both are smooth listening and have a new age feel, kinda like some work that Erykah Badu has done in the past. Check them out below...

19 Year Old Planning Country Tour Wants Men To Pay Her To Visit Them, Is This Prostitution?

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19-year-old Ju Peng from Shanghai sparked a social media storm when she posted an ad on Chinese website, Weibo, detailing her travel plans. She has found a unique way to fund her once-in-a-lifetime round trip around her country which involves sleeping with a different man in every city she stops in.

18 Questions To Ask When Looking for a Wedding Venue

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By Kathreen Miller

Are you getting married soon and you can't decide on the venue to host your wedding? While selecting a venue for your wedding, don't let these important details slip from your mind or you'll have some serious wedding party jitters.

Usually when one selects a venue for wedding, he gets spellbound by the interiors of the place - shiny floorings, crystal chandeliers and inviting bar displays and forgets asking about things that matter the most.

Tiny Finally Speaks On Permanently Changed Eye Color - ‘I have The Right, It’s My Body’

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Tiny Harris is an ex-singer from the girl band Xscape, and has been married to rapper T.I since 2010 though they've been together starting from 2001 and have 2 children together. He loves her, she loves him, and they even have a reality show together. Yet, she is one of the most criticized women in black showbiz. From her height to her figure, everything about her is mocked and made fun of on social media.

Chichi Igbo Reacts to Hateful Meme Labelling Her A Dyke

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Nigeria is one of the homophobic countries in the world. In addition to the national assembly passing a bill making it illegal for homosexual relationships, and the president signing it into law, even individual Nigerians go as far as cyber bulling gays, both known and unknown.

4 Lessons After Traditional Marriage Fails Woman Dumped By Billionaire Ex-Husband

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45 year old Nneka Mercy Ogbedo got married to her Nigerian billionaire ex-husband, Olorogun Moses Taiga in a traditional wedding in Nigeria back in 2002. By then, they were already parents to twins, but he soon got tired of the marriage, and dissolved it in the customary way.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

#BeenRapedNeverReported - Survivors Find Their Voices In Sobering Twitter Hashtag

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#BeenRapedNeverReported, no explanation need, right? In the post about Bill Cosby, we found that Barbara Bowman never reported her assault until years later, and she's not alone. So many woman are assaulted and remain silent, especially when they are raped by those they know.

Nicki Minaj Teases Fans With Cleavage Photos

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Nicki Minaj just debuted her new single, Only, featuring label mates Drake, and Lil Weezy as well as Chris Brown yesterday. Today, to keep the buzz alive, the rapper showed off her enhanced breasts in provocative poses wearing a black corset. See another below...

Actress Details How Bill Cosby Raped Her After 2 Years Of Abuse

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I was one of those utterly shocked by the news that Bill Cosby has several allegations of rape against him, including the last that happened about 10 years ago that he accepted and settled out of court. This became news again recently, read here, after fellow comedian Hannibal Burress decided to begin calling out Bill Cosby in his stand up shows as way to be real and honest about who we call legends.

Plane Crashes Into Kansas Airport Building Killing At Least 4 People

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A small airplane crashed into a building at Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita, Kansas, killing at least four people, injuring five and setting off an explosion and fire. The twin-turbo airplane struck a building on the airport grounds that does pilot training and at least five people were reported missing, officials said.

Groom Falls Hard While Carrying Bride Into Their Wedding Reception, Ouch!

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When you hear about a groom falling on his wedding day, you want it to be that they fell in love with their brides all over again because she looked so amazing in her wedding finery. But for Julia Magdaleno and her groom, Chad Kannard, the fall was real!

Nurse Kaci Hickox Disregards Ebola Quarantine, Goes On Bicycle Ride With Boyfriend

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Kaci Hickox, 33, returned from working in hospitals treating Ebola in Sierra Leone last week and has since challenged the mandatory 21 days quarantine imposed on exposed health workers.

Three days ago, she left hospital where she had been put under surveillance to return to her home, and today, a new video shows her going on a bike ride with her boyfriend.

MTN Aeroplane Winner, Ebube Essien-Garricks, On Life After Receiving Her N64million

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Ebube Gladys Essien-Garricks won the MTN Ultimate Wonder “Win An Aeroplane” Promo on November 13, 2012. The student of the Rivers State College of Health Science and Technology decided to pick the N64million cash prize instead of the plane, and since then her life has not remained the same.

2 years on, YNaija spoke with the 27-year-old lottery millionaire to find out how winning such a large amount of money has changed her life. Excerpts below:

23-Year-Old Nigerian Woman Dies While Getting Cheap Butt Implants in Thailand

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Nigerian-British Joy Williams, 23, died on October 23 after travelling to Bangkok to have butt implant surgery that cost only £2,000. According to doctors consulted by Mailonline, good buttock surgery costs between 7000 and 8000 pounds averagely. Joy also stayed in a £11-a-night Vabua Asotel hotel, used by the clinic as accommodation for its patients to further save money.

Tomorrow is Halloween - Check Out This Amputee's Freaky Photoshoot

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Reddit user ChutneyRain has posted her Halloween pics online. and they are immediatly scary until you realize the cut off leg is fake. Talk about good makeup

‘Being an amputee makes for some cool photo shoots’ the leg amputee, who clearly has a very wicked sense of humour, admits. She says she and her family ‘crack really awful jokes about my missing a leg all the time.’

CEO of Apple Tim Cook, Says He's Proud To Be Gay

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CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has finally opened up about his sexuality, saying that he is "proud to be gay"in an article for the Bloomberg Businessweek.

Tim Cook wrote that he decided to come out in an effort to try to help people struggling with their  own sexual identity. He maintained that he has been always been open about being gay, but preferred not to announce it publicly until now.

American Couple Detained In Qatar For Death Of Adopted African Daughter

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It will be 2 years in January since an American couple, Matthew and Grace Huang, have been held in Qatar for the death of their adopted Black daughter, Gloria, whom they have been accused of starving to death, Yahoo News reports.

The Thin Line Between Insanity And The Desperation To Get Married

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By Onyinye Orabuike

I remember one time we were talking about Nonye's boyfriend whom she said is a good guy but that she couldn’t marry him because he smoked and he is catholic. Tina told Nonye to give her the guy if she was not in a hurry to get married. We all laughed, she was only joking.

5 Simple Guides To Appreciating Your Partner From Bedroom to Kitchen

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By Eniola Ake

Receiving love from your partner can be amazing, but do you know there's nothing sweeter than reciprocal love? Never get too comfortable in a relationship that it makes you feel that you are entitled to all that you are being given and even sometimes you forget to give in return.

Vaginal Tightening And Shrinking Creams Are Now A Thing?

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One of the most popular posts on RML remains the article on how to tighten your vagina and remove bad smells, read here. But when I wrote that post, I only had kegels in mind, and didn't know that some people will actually go to the extent of packaging and selling vaginal tightening and shrinking creams.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

17 Year Old Twins Charged For Tying Up & Robbing 85-Year-Old Sugar Daddy

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17-year-old twins, Shalaine and Shaina Foster have been indicted for tying up and and robbing an 85-year-old man they found on which connects sugar daddies and sugar babies.

Paul Aronson, a widower, first met Shaina Foster in person at least once before deciding to meet again Oct. 1, when Shaina invited along her twin, Shalaine Foster.

Jennifer Lopez Admits Abuse In New Book And How She Ended Marriage to Marc Anthony

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Jennifer Lopez has a new book coming out soon titled True Love, in which she talks about several of her relationships, including marriage to Marc Anthony that lasted 7 years and produced two children, 6 year old twins, son, Max and daughter, Emme.

FEMEN Women Go Topless As They Protest On The Streets Of Paris [Video]

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Several women under the aegis of FEMEN, an extreme feminist group in Europe which believes in going topless as a protest tool, took to the streets of Paris to support fellow FEMEN member lana Zhdanova, who was earlier this month convicted for “sexual exhibitionism” in a French court.

Iana had been arrested in June for stabbing a wax statue of Russian President Vladimir Putin with a wooden stake while topless, with the words “Kill Putin” painted across her breasts.

Youth Pastor Charged With Sexually Abusing 5 Boys He Took Into His Home

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Timothy Shawn Cato, 50, has been arrested and charged by police for allegedly sexually abusing 5 young boys between the ages of 7 and 17. Cato was charged with eight counts of child sexual abuse with four of the eight incidents allegedly happening after October 1 of this year.

Former Baseball Player Jose Canseco Shoots Off His Finger While Cleaning Gun

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Jose Canseco, a former star baseball player has accidentally shot himself in the hand while cleaning his gun. Canseco’s wife Leila Knight, said that the bullet severely damaged the middle finger of his left hand. She called for prayers for him on Twitter and he too has tweeted since he got home.

Beyonce's Alleged Half Sister Revealed, Mom Hopes She'll Meet Beyonce Someday

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Taqoya Branscomb has been claiming for several months that her four-year-old daughter Koi is Beyonce's half sister, the result of a casual affair with the singer's dad, Mathew Knowles. She even went as far as getting a paternity test which was positive.

Sex With 20 Different Women May Protect Men From Prostrate Cancer - Research

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A lot of promiscous men will be happy to hear that men who sleep with several different women are less likely to develop prostrate cancer, the magic number being 20.

The results of a new research suggests that men who have had 20 sexual partners and above reduced their risk of prostate cancer by almost a third, and  their chances of getting the most aggressive tumors were also slashed by 19 per cent.

Africa Gets White President As Guy Scott Named Interim Leader of Zambia

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Zambian president, Michael Sata, died yesterday in a British hospital from an unnamed ailment and the country’s vice-president, Guy Scott has been appointed as interim leader.

Always Wear a Bra, Even to Bed - Do You Agree With Halle Berry?

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Halle Berry is now 48 years old and a mom of two, with her little boy just over a year old. She has talked openly of breastfeeding both her children, with her baby son taking a heavy toll on her, read here.

Now, the oscar winner has revealed that what keeps her boobs perky is wearing bras all the time. She said the advice comes from her own mother.

Bachelor Juan Pablo Breaks Up With Nikki Ferrell After Just 8 Months

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The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis and girlfriend Nikki Ferrell have split, and it seems it was not an amicable break-up. Both have unfollowed each other on Twitter while leaving subliminal messages aimed at the other. Who else is surprised? I know I'm not. To writing was on the wall from when Juan Pablo played all the ladies, and refused to propose or say I love you to Nikki.

CCTV Video Shows British Man Paying Driver To Have Wife Killed During South Africa Honeymoon

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Shrien Dewani and his wife Anni Hindocha were visiting South Africa for the first time in November 2010 for their honeymoon and it ended in tragedy. New bride Anni was murdered when their taxi was hijacked by armed robbers, while the groom managed to jump out of the moving taxi. He returned to the UK alone as the investigation continued.

Book Review - Drowning by Jassy de Jong

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When the publishers of Drowning by Jassy de Jong sent me a request to review this book, what first got my attention in the synopsis was that it was set in South Africa, and it was romance/erotica with a love triangle. It's been a while since I read a really good romance - no I did not read the Shades of Grey novels - and I wanted to see what I was missing.

RML Woman: Chioma Obiekwe - IT Consultant And Youtube Reviewer

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Chioma Obiekwe is the second of five children with a BEng in Computer science and engineering from ESUST and an MSc in Information systems management from the University of Huddersfield UK. She currently works as an SAP consultant at an IT consultancy and also runs a YouTube channel were she reviews Nigerian made - and made for Nigeria- products and services. Please read her contribution to our RML Woman exclusive.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Man Breaks His Neck On A Roller Coaster, Now On Life Support

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A man riding on a roller coaster at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach has snapped his neck and is currently on life support. Many are amazed that he's even still alive!

Robert Sycamore, 58, was riding on the Grand National with his nephew's son when the freak accident happened, according to the Canada Journal.

Cartoon Network Censors First Gay Kiss - [Watch]

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Cartoon Network has drawn some controversy after they aired what’s believed to be its first openly gay couple on one of the network series, Clarence.

The writer of the show said that in the episode titled “Neighborhood Grill,” the two men who met for a date and proceeded to kiss on the cheeks was actually written to be a kiss on the lips. That kiss was censored by the network.

Robbie Williams Live Tweets Wife's Labor For Birth Of Second Child - Would You?

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Ayda Williams is either one very understanding wife or Robbie Williams is just one entertaining and fantastic husband and father. Robbie, formerly of boy band Take That, was one excited second time daddy as they awaited the birth of their second child.

School Boys From Senegal Called “Ebola” And Beaten Up In New York School

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Two brothers, 11 and 13 years old, have been beaten up by their fellow school mates in the playground after being bullied with calls of “Ebola.” Though they were born here, the boys emigrated to the United States from Senegal about a month ago, and were in the sixth and eight grade respectively.

#MarvelEvent - Black Panther & Carol Danvers Are First Black and First Female Movie Superheroes!

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Actor Chadwick Boseman, above, has been announced to play the first black super hero, Black Panther in a 2017 Marvel comics film of the same name. The actress to play the first female on-screen superhero Carol Danvers was not named, but she will be appearing in a Captain Marvel film, out in 2018.

Viral Photo - Angry Father Disciplines Daughter For Lying About Her Age & Dating Older Men

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Kevin Jones is not a happy father after he discovered that his 10-year-old daughter who is 5ft 9 has been lying about her age and dating older men through social media accounts she set up without her parent's knowledge or permission.

Couple Love - Cristiano Ronaldo And Girlfriend Irina Shayk at LFP Awards

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Portuguese and Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo has been dating Russian model Irina Shayk since May 2010 and he flew all the way from Spain to New York to propose on Valentine’s Day this year. While there have been rumors of splits, other women, and long distance frustrations, the couple are staying the course.

'When Marriage Begins, Selfishness Ends' - Omoni Oboli On 14 Wedding Anniversary

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Omoni Oboli and her husband, Nnamdi, marked their 14th wedding anniversary with some loving PDA on social media, with Omoni thanking God for bringing them thus far.

She admits in an interview with Ynaija, that it hasn't all been smooth sailing, but that as a couple, they put God first, and also believe in open communication. She advises younger couples to avoid selfishness and emotional manipulation. See excerpts below: