Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FAKE! Woman With Three Breasts Turns Out To Be A Hoax [Pictures]

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21 year old Jasmine Tridevil recently came into the news for having reportedly spent £12,000 on surgery to have a third breast added. The third breast was made from a silicone implant and skin tissue from her abdomen. She says her intention is to become a celebrity with her own TV show.

"It was really hard finding someone that would do it, too, because they’re breaking the code of ethic. I called like 50 or 60 doctors - nobody wanted to do it. My whole dream is to get this show on MTV. I’m dumping every penny I have into this. If this doesn’t work, I’m through."

Well, all that above are lies. It turns out the boobs are fake - a 3 breast prosthesis. Her real name is Alisha Jasmine Hessler, and she is a model hungry for her 15 mins of fame. I guess she got it.

Snopes.com, the urban legends website, took an in-depth look at her story and concluded the facts decisively pointed to a hoax.

Also, Tampa CBS affiliate, 10 News, has the final piece of evidence. Their website reported that they;

"received an an incident report from Tampa International Airport, where earlier this month Tridevil (real name Alisha Jasmine Hessler) reported her baggage had been stolen.

The luggage was eventually recovered and two people were arrested for stealing several bags off of the airport conveyor belts. When Tridevil went to retrieve her recovered items, a property receipt was written that listed the contents contained within:"

TMZ equally just published this report;

The woman claiming to have 3 boobs is a fraud, a fake ... and ironically what exposed her lie is a crime someone committed against her. Jasmine Tridevil has been making the rounds, claiming she got plastic surgery to net her an additional boob.

But we got a document from the Tampa International Airport Police Dept. describing a baggage theft. According to the doc ... someone stole a bunch of luggage off an American Airlines conveyor belt, including a black nylon roller bag.

Cops caught the thieves after IDing them with surveillance video. The black bag belonged to Tridevel, but before she got it back it was inventoried by police as part of the case against the crooks.Guess what was inside the bag?  "A 3 breast prosthesis."

BTW ... she told cops the prosthesis was valued at $5K.

The boobs are perfect, but she's a little crooked.

Jasmine Tridevil had earlier told reporters that she had saved up for two years before finding a plastic surgeon willing to carry out the operation. She told a local radio station more than 50 doctors turned her down before a surgeon - who has not been named - agreed to the job.

Jasmine, from Tampa Bay, Florida, had said the fake boob feels the same as her other two - although the nipple had to be tattooed on.

Jasmine, who regularly posts pictures and video of her unusual appearance on her Facebook page and YouTube, also said her parents were horrified by the result and had stopped talking to her.

Below are pictures from her FB Page

Without the fake breast - Supposedly before the surgery

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