Friday, September 19, 2014

Why Would Any Mom Do This To Her One-Year Old?

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I am a fan of Chacha Eke and her adorable little daughter Kamarachukwu Darlene Faani, see preious pics here and here. The little girl turned one today and the actress just released these pictures from her birthday studio photoshoot..

Should you blame the first time mom, or whoever runs the studio for allowing these troubling pictures of a baby in full make up? And what's up with the old woman wigs too? And the phone, car keys, and porshe in the backdrop, what happened to colorful decorations for the little girl's hair and having cute back drops of toys and such?

If one wants to play dress up with their little girl, by all means! Ideas boku - professions, traditional outfits, play, outdoors, and more. This little girl looks overwhelmed and not a day under 50 with all the makeup and wig. I hate to call out any mom, but this is so not it!

My only consolation is that the little girl later looked to have some fun, and may be too young to remember this. But mom should hide these pictures or make sure there's a funny story to go with them.


  1. This is preposterous. Like, wth!!!! Who lets this happen tot heir child???

  2. They are playing dress up like mummy game

    1. At one years old, and for her birthday photoshoot? Please!

  3. this is way out of line, the girl start acting up in future, you ask "where did i go wrong"? Its the mum imposing trying to act out through her child, i guess she never had fun when she was younger. just my #opinion.

  4. A girl will start acting up in the future for a one year old birthday that she'll never, ever remember??? Y'll need to lighten up. I personally won't dress my baby like this, but it's absolutely uncalled for to judge this mom based on that. It's her child. Let her dress her up as she likes. Y'll make it sound like the mom took nude pictures of her and posted them on a porn site. Lay off the mom.

    P.S. I have no idea who the mom is, but stop judging her.

  5. By the way, I opened this post because I read the title and thought it was another case of child abuse, only to find adorable pictures of a one year old.

    Myne, this doesn't read like something you wrote. If you didn't write it, you need to fire your writer.

  6. Two thoughts: she wanted to try something different or maybe she wants to be famous!
    Who knows?

  7. Okay, I think some of us are being a little tooooo harsh. Yes, the clothes, makeup and what-have-you might be over the top, in some the girl looks like a doll. But on the other hand, the pictures are different! She would score a hundred on originality, I think. And I actually like one or two, like the one with the all pink outfit where she's looking up. Guess the whole idea was that she just wanted her baby to be a little madam.


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