Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Transgender Woman With Massive Bum Complains That Other Women Are Jealous Of Her

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A transgender woman who says people compare her booty to Nicki Minaj's, has had more than 100 black-market injections to achieve that bum, and has now admitted to funding the procedures through escort work.

Tatiana Williams, 42, spent over $100,000 working on her body over the past 20 years - including getting injections that have filled her bum with a 8lb of silicone for each cheek. She said:

'Whatever it took to get that process done, I was willing to do that, because the only goal was becoming the woman that I dreamed of being. 'I entertained as a showgirl, whatever it took. If someone said do X, Y, Z, then I would meet nice gentleman friends if they would help me get money towards the procedures.'

The head-to-toe procedures have left Tatiana with an hour glass figure, and a backside which she says feel as natural as any other woman's.

'It doesn't weigh me down because after a period of time, it becomes like flesh and it feels soft, just like a biological woman.

'I don't have a problem with sitting, when I sit down, it moves in - it squishes in like anybody else.
'I'm small framed and I have big buttocks for my frame but there are people with bigger buttocks - I made sure it was a balance.

'When I started to make myself look like a women, I never wanted to be normal, I never wanted to look like the average woman.

'I wanted to walk into a room and men fall to their feet, point blank. I've had it all done, from my feet up to my hair, I've had injections everywhere.'

Tatiana said that she was once hospitalised for two weeks when a backstreet surgeon punctured her lung with a needle during a breast enhancement. She now claims to live a life of luxury with her body attracting enough admirers to allow her to become a 'kept woman'. She said:

'With a body like this, you pretty much get whatever you want. Men tend to put me up on a pedestal and treat me like a queen.

'I'm not in a relationship but If I find the right man I'll go with it. But it's not that important to me.'

Despite having her pick of the men, Tatiana is often hurt by the frosty reception she gets from 'natural women' who are eager to dismiss her beauty.

'A lot of them can't accept a beautiful transgender woman. If you are a transvestite, a drag-queen or someone's that's playing around, they will receive you better.

But if you're able to stand next to them and look just like them - or better - then it's different.

'It takes a strong woman to stand next to a transsexual woman like myself and not feel intimidated.'

But although Tatiana is over the moon with her new body, she is also incredibly fortunate to have survived the black market procedures as friends of hers have died during similar operations. She said:

'Going to the black market is a big risk. People can die from these injections. I've seen people eaten up by the silicone. I've seen them turn black-and-blue and not being able to walk anymore.

'I've seen people have their whole breast taken off. I've seen everything. It's cheaper on the black market and people are willing to take the risks to achieve the beauty.

'I'm one of the lucky ones and I knock on wood everyday thanking God that he brought me through.'

But Tatiana said that many people take the risk to follow in the footsteps of curvy celebrities. She said:

'I love Kim Kardashian's body - it's beautiful. She's exactly what a woman should be. When it comes to me and celebrities, a lot of people compare me to Nicki Minaj.

'It makes me laugh because I'm thinking, 'I had a** before I even knew of Nicki or before she was even around'. 'Maybe Nicki's actually got an a** like me.'

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