Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Semi-Nude Fashion Show At Church Sanctuary In New York - Is This Right?

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This picture of gospel singer, Onlyone Harmony, holding a mic at the Riverside Church in New York appeared on my Facebook timeline with the following question: "is this outfit appropriate for her to be singing in the church?"

A little research showed that Ms. Onlyone Harmony was part of a fashion show that involed a number of people, both men and women, wearing different types of revealing costumes.

According to Zimbio, this is "the Adrian Alicea fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 runway at Riverside Church on September 10, 2014 in New York City."

Still, many Facebook comments are not pacified and wondered why would the church allow it venue to be used in this way, as it shows lack of respect for the church. They also wonder if it is appropriate for a gospel singer to be dressed so even if it is for a fashion show.

What do you think? See more pictures and some of the comments below...

"I'm not shocked... This church is very huge and powerful in New York, founded by John D Rockerfella... This is one of their biggest ministries. " Maranatha, a ministry of The Riverside Church, is committed to serving God by fostering greater understanding while promoting equity for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Same-Gender Loving, and Allies. With these goals, we have organized our ministry to serve, advocate, and support the LGBT community"....You get the gist."

“It Is Shameful & Very Appalling That The PASTOR Of RIVERSIDE CHURCH In NEW YORK,Allowed Singer ‘ONLY1HARMONY’,To Sing In Their Church HALF-NAKED..As A Matter Of Fact,I Don’t Call This PRAISE & WORSHIP,Rather I’ll Call It PERVERTED PRAISE & WHORE-SHIP..

They Are Just Rubbishing The CHRISTENDOM..If The SENIOR PASTOR Did Not See Anything Wrong In This,What About The ASSOCIATE PASTORS,DEACONS,DEACONESSES,MOTHERS & FATHERS Of The Church,When This SHAMELESS LADY Stepped On The Church Podium To Sing?..Do They Want To Turn The Church Into A RED-LIGHT NIGHTCLUB?..Hmm!,Its Really END-TIME,When All Kinds Of People Will Claim To Come In GOD’s Name,But In Real Sense,With Ulterior Motives..Just Too Bad,I MUST Say..SMH!..GOD Help Us All,AMEN!!! :..


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  2. It is no news that the church has lost its way.It is no news that the church is now a profit organization and would do anything to keep the streams of money coming.Sad!!!


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