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Pregnant Woman's Story of Wicked Mother-in-Law Abandoning Her At Train Station Goes Viral

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This very sad, true life story of a 3 months old pregnant lady who shared her story on reddit has gone viral. Check it out and let's discuss.

From day one, my mother and father in law have been pretty aggressive and hostile toward me. I try to shrug it off or laugh but what happened last night really shook me. I am three months pregnant at the moment. We went to tell my husband's parents about it. Well, neither of them took the news very well.

His father yelled that he wanted nothing to do with "the little bastard" and stormed off. His mother grabbed my arm and started to lead me out the door, saying she wanted to take a drive to talk with me. My husband agreed to stay behind to talk to his dad. During the car ride, his mom was silent while I began to basically yammer on until I noticed fifteen minutes in that we were entering the freeway.

I asked her repeatedly where we were going. I started to get scared and wanted to get out but I was just paralyzed with fear. I had forgotten my cellphone and purse at home, stupidly, so I was at her mercy. His mom dropped me off at a train station about an hour and 30 mins away. She started to tell me to get out of the car. I begged her not to leave me but she ended up getting out and yanking me into the sidewalk before speeding off...

It was the most frightening moment of my entire life. A very kind man lent me his cellphone about an hour later and I called my husband who came to pick me up a few hours after the fact. He asked what happened, but I told him that I didn't want to talk about it.

I thought that once we were expecting a child, his parents would be elated and that it would improve the relationship. It has not... I'm so confused and ashamed. I haven't told anyone else about this other than people on the internet.

I guess I would like to see if anyone else has ever been through something like that and what I should do/say about it to my husband...

On her husband's relationship with his parents;

It depends. He ranges from getting pissed at them for mistreating me to being wishy-washy to wanting to avoid confrontations with them. My husband has told me that, in the past, they have spanked him and used 'the belt' on him as punishments against him, so he gets anxious about disagreeing with them. It seems like he wants to have a positive relationship with them despite it all but they're very cruel to both of us.

On reasons why her in-laws would hate her, is it religion?

Actually, no. We're all Catholic. Well, I was raised Catholic, but I don't really practice it.
It's more classism, it seems. While we're both Hispanic, we're of two different subcultures (his family is Puerto Rican, mine is Peruvian) so I get treated to some comments about my background. Also, they are upper middle class and have some high paying jobs. My family and I used to live in poverty. Not anymore, but his family thinks we're trash basically. I work hard and don't ask them or my husband for money ever, but they accuse me of being a gold digger and a tramp. In the past, his mom has said I seem like the type of woman who would prostitute herself...

On how she feels about her MIL;

My mother in law wanted to ensure that I be scared and at her mercy, then threw me out like trash. I don't want people to think I'm not upset, because I am. I doubt I'll ever see them again and so far, nothing from them either. Even still, I don't think I could ever be in the same room with them again after all this happened.

On her husband's actions so far;

Please, don't be so harsh on my husband... This whole situation is frustrating but he's not a bad person or else I would not be with him. His parents have manipulated and abused him, and while I have been frustrated by his need to have a relationship with them, I also understand why that is. I doubt anyone wants their parents to be at odds with them and while some people can cut those ties, I get why he hasn't. I've tried to support him on this, but I think this was the last straw... Like I said before, I thought the idea of having grandchildren might get them to make peace with me, but it seems not. I'm going to talk to him later today and see where it goes from there.


  1. This story is appalling but rather close to home for me. My Dad's mum as I like to call her to distance myself has no piece of love for me cos I'm my mum's carbon copy. Even after 27 years of marriage, she still treats my mum like garbage. Imagine visiting the US for the first time to see family members and other friends, only for my dad's mum to tell my mum & myself that we are not welcome in her house.(Yet my dad visits her every year and other family members that relocate to the US stays at her place for a while before they move on with their own lives). My sister that has more features like her side of the family is a gem and can never do no wrong. My brother that looks like her late husband is also non-existence to her love or affection.

    This woman is basically a cow and I have never tolerated her ever since my teenage years. Till tomorrow My dad is her puppet - whatever she says is right (imagine she left him in naija when he was 3 years old and only came back when he was 19, imagine no immigration wahala as a justified reason) . I have advised my dad not to invite her to my wedding happening in few month because she was a massive disappointment on my introduction day (She wore her kampala night dress and had a zero friendly face to my visiting in-laws) and honestly I don't need the negative energy.
    She's always hated my mum (calls her a village girl), strongly believed my mum used pregnancy to get my dad who was 35 years old when he got married. Also told my mum not to have more than two kids because she wants her son to take care of her. (wtf!!!)

    Thank God my mum is doing well for held. She own a school and has 35 staff working for her. Has lands & properties in her name.

    Therefore, some people are cray cray...and it is better to do away with such people as soon as possible. Life is too short to allow irrelevant people suck to joy out of life.


  2. WOW, and i thot my mother in law was bad. am speechless......


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