Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Parents Arrested For 'Stealing' Sick Son From Hospital Get Some Good News

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Parents who were arrested and were sitting in a Spanish prison for the crime of trying to save their dying son have been released.

The parents of 5-year-old Ashya King sparked an international manhunt when they snuck their little boy, who has a brain tumor, out of his hospital in Britain for a last ditch attempt to save him with an experimental procedure in the Czech Republic.

The boy was being treated at a hospital in southern England, but when the parents felt not enough was being done, they grabbed him and flew to Spain, where they had property they wanted to sell to fund the experimental treatment in Czech Republic.

Since the move was against doctors' orders and imperiled his life, a warrant went out for the pair's arrest. They were found and brought to jail. The little boy was taken to a Spanish hospital.

With brother Naveed King

With mom

While some will of course question the parents' thinking -- couldn't they have sold the property, then taken him out of the hospital? -- it sounds like they were panicked and desperate. Unless you've had a deathly ill child, it's hard to imagine the lengths a parent will go to to save a child.

That doesn't always mean parents know best, however. They can't always have say over a team of medical professionals, or we'd have parents pulling their kids out of the hospital for all kinds of cockamamie reasons. Just because some mom or dad decides tree sap is better for their kid's cancer than chemo doesn't mean it is.

These parents, however, seem like they had a plan, although maybe they didn't go about it the best way. They hoped to get their little boy proton beam radiation therapy in the Czech Republic.

But British prosecutors have decided that the parents, who have been separated from their sick child for a week, have been punished enough. Cooler heads have prevailed and now everyone just wants to reunite the family while Ashya receives treatment.

Sometimes you just have to have some compassion.

The parents are still trying to raise money to bring their son to Prague for treatment.

Should they have been prosecuted?

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