Friday, September 12, 2014

On How To Spot A Stingy Guy - Must A Guy Spend On His Girlfriend?

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Toke Makinwa spoke on the issue of stingy men in her weekly Vlog where she gave women pointers for identifying a stingy guy. I agree that being stingy is not a desirable trait in both men and women, and a giving spirit encourages one to reciprocate, but when Toke repeats several times, "a stingy man is bad for business", I wonder, what business are we talking about, are you a prostitute?

Toke goes on  to say;

He might be rich but “Is that money in circulation?... A stingy man is not the way forward, a stingy man is bad for business....some guys are so stingy that if you want to collect money from them, it's like squeezing a rock to bring out water..... a proper gentleman doesn't let a lady ask him for stuffs cos he knows she needs 'em...when a lady is scratching her hair, it's a sign for him to know that she needs to change her hair...Ladies if a man is not giving you money, close your LEGS!"

Again, I'm baffled. Close your legs? Must money from your romantic partner equate to sex? Are stuffs like fake hair, cars, bling, or restaurant outings, the only things women want from men? Should a guy even give his working girlfriend raw cash or gifts? Makes it look like an aristo arrangement.

For me, some things are more important than money in terms of being in a genuine relationship. These are support and understanding, respect and tolerance, and the spirit of compromise. Anyways, watch Toke's video below....

How to spot them:

1. If he is talking about money everyday but not spending it, run away
2. If you have to speak too much grammar before he drops the money, then he is stingy e.g you say, I'm tired, i need to go on vacation, a good guy says where would you like to go, let's go to Ghana or travel to so so so but a stingy guy will say 'ehya pele, it would get's ok, don't be tired dear"
3. If he keeps saying I will sort you out tomorrow...don't worry tomorrow...let's talk about it tomorrow.....
4. If he doesn't take care of his mama or immediate family members, then flee!

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