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Jennifer Lopez's Ex-Husband Cris Judd Reveals How Loss of Privacy Affected 9-Month Marriage

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Jennifer Lopez recently spoke fondly of her ex-husband Cris Judd back in June while she was being interviewed on Watch What Happens Live [here], saying, 'I've dated two dancers. One, I had a brief marriage with, Cris Judd, who is an amazing person and whom I love..."

Cris Judd has now opened up about his nine-month marriage to Jennifer Lopez saying it was 'very tough' and he didn't feel like a 'normal person'. Cris said he had to come to terms with the loss of privacy during their brief marriage.

Cris and Jennifer met in 2000 when he was hired to direct her music video for Love Don't Cost A Thing.

They had a whirlwind romance and got married in late September 2001 and divorced in June 2002.

The 45-year-old dancer and choreographer talked about life with 45-year-old Jennifer at the recent 2014 Industry Dance Awards in Hollywood. According to Us Weekly, Judd said of his high-profile marriage;

'You know it's very tough. Your privacy is breached. You're no longer a normal person,'

'[Our wedding] was a circus. I think several people got arrested trying to climb up a mountain... trying to sneak in. We actually rented the airspace,'

The reality television veteran added that it was 'tough to be in that limelight' even though it was expected.

'You kind of sign up for that, you know?'

'You kind of have to take it and accept it and embrace it. Once you stop fighting it, it smoothes itself over. If you try to keep that privacy, it drives you nuts and that's why people break.'

The loss of privacy 'bothered' him, but Cris said it wasn't the cause of their marriage breaking down.

'It had no bearing on the outcome of a relationship. Unfortunately, it just didn't work out,' he said.

He also commented on his ex-wife's recent failed relationships including her divorce from Marc Anthony, breakup with Ben Affleck and recent split from fellow dancer Casper Smart.

'But you know, I can't give you the answer as to why her relationships don't work. I think that it's that it is work. It's whether you want to work on it or not.'

'Everyone has baggage and problems. It's whether you want to deal with those problems. When you sign up to get married, you can't just walk away.'

Cris Judd has now been happily married for five years to wife Kelly and they have an 11-month-old daughter Vivienne.

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  1. Hello ma, Cris Judd is not Jennifer Lopez' 1st husband but second. She ws married to Ojani Noa before.....


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