Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Introducing #CockLocks For Men Who Cheat And The Women Who Love Them

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Introducing #CockLocks. For all my ladies in committed relationships with male thots but refuse to leave because the D IS TOO DAMN GOOD. Cock block your man 24/7 with one of these #CockLocks only for 3 easy payments of $69.99. ORDER YOUR TODAY!!!!!

And so Instagram user @Sixteenz captioned a picture of several designs of this device that looks like it will fit a flaccid male penis to a T. I'm thinking there's a design flaw somewhere but those massive locks just won't allow me pay attention. LOL...

Somebody tell me this is just for jokes, please. But if for real, will you get one for yourself, if you're a man, or if you're a woman, for your spouse?


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  2. I don't see any man agreeing to cage his 'particulars'! And I doubt it's healthy keeping it under lock and key. Even if the man cheats, the next thing he'll say is, "What, you don't trust me?!" Na there the fight go start.


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