Monday, September 22, 2014

Ibinabo Fiberesima On Love's Second Chance - Met Fiance In University, Now They're Getting Married!

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Ibinabo Fiberesima recently released some new pictures, click here, in which she looked extra gorgeous, and when asked, she said love is making her happy. She also talked about her love story which begun while she was in the University of Ibadan.

The AGN president said her husband-to-be is Igbo and was her school mate and best friend back then. However, they did not hook up. While the beautiful actress went on to have kids with someone else, he also went on to have kids with another woman.

Now, hat they are both single again, fate brought them back together, and they have decided to give marriage a trial. Kinda reminds me of Nse's love story, loves gives us so many chances :)

Excerpts from the interview and more pictures when you continue reading:

On what's making her look so happy and glowing;

"I know I am blossoming but that is what happens when you are in love. I have found my soulmate, my friend, my brother and that is why I am glowing. It's not that I suddenly found love, the love has been there and we have been best of friends since our school days at University of Ibadan and when we met again years after, we remained best of friends.

His kids and mine have always been wondering how the both of us can be this close, almost like brother and sister. I think they planned it. They were like why don't you two just get married and we started thinking and after a while, we felt this is God telling us its time and that's it"

On why she said yes without thinking when he proposed to her + how her children and his planned the proposal, she said;

"I think it was God's will because I just said yes without thinking about it. Everything was just perfect. Perfect timing also. He is an Igbo man. I think the kids planned it more than we did. That's how it is because the day he asked me, his kids were calling and the kids were all abroad while we were in Nigeria so everybody was eager to know my reply. The kids were like daddy have you asked, mine were also calling to say mummy hope you said yes. It was a beautiful moment and everyone was happy."

On what she admires about her fiance:

"He looks after a woman every well. He adores me and he is a family oriented man. He loves his family. He loves us totally and he is committed to his work. He encourages me a lot in what I do and we pray a lot. We have the fear of God which is paramount in our relationship.

I think we are heading the right direction and of course with my kind of lifestyle, and the kind of work that I do, every man would withdraw but no, he is always there, giving me the strength, support and ideas to better what I am doing. So I really do admire him."

On plans for the wedding;

"We are getting married in December. The actual date has not been fixed yet but it is specifically in December. Everything is in progress by the grace of God."

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