Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hundreds Want Lewd Statue Of Satan With 'Full Erection' To Be Returned to Vancouver Park

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Petitions have been started to reinstate the nine-foot-tall statue of Satan which was removed by Canadian officials from a Vancouver park. The anatomically-faithful red-skinned Satan is seen holding one hand up in a devil-horn salute, and comes complete with horns and a visibly prominent erection.

The controversial artwork was mysteriously erected on a pedestal at the park, and was removed to protect public interest, but now hundreds of people are demanding that the sexually explicit Satan statue be resurrected.

At least three petitions have sprung up calling for its return. Two petitions, which have collected more than 450 signatures combined, want the statue to be public art. One petition reads;

“By removing the statue of Penis Satan, you are taking from us our freedom of expression, restricting our sexuality, and stigmatizing our religious beliefs. Please return him immediately.”

It still remains a mystery where the gigantic statue emerged from.

The lewd statue of the devil that seemingly popped up overnight in East Vancouver is making headlines all around the world.

The statue stood about eight to nine feet tall on a pedestal near the intersection of 4th Avenue and Clark Drive for several hours Tuesday appeared to have a full erection, thereby raising eye brows.

The statue was taken down by city officials around 3:15 p.m on September 10 a day after it was discovered.

According to the City of Vancouver's public art registry, the small square was originally home to a statue of Christopher Columbus, but that has since been moved to Hastings Park.

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