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How Important is Physical Attraction In A Relationship Versus Other Traits?

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By Jenna Brown

Dating can be a difficult fact of life. We strive to present our best selves but struggle with the ins and outs of dating. There's the primping, the prepping, and the awkward moments that are so inevitable. It comes with the territory of being alone with someone you barely know. But that is just the beginning of the courtship.

With all of the stress of looking your best, the ultimate question arises: how important is physical attraction in a relationship? For some couples, they may find that physical attraction is no different than any other desired trait, while for others it could be the foot in the door that grabs their attention.

The dating world is a lot like a battlefield where you must constantly put your best foot forward to succeed while still protecting yourself from attacks that may come. The difference is, it's a battle that both parties can win. As complex as dating is, people are really seeking basic desires when it comes to finding their partner. These include;

Honesty: In order for a relationship to succeed, both parties must be honest with each other and with themselves. Lying only leads to complications and hurt feelings that will make dating and the inevitable break up that much worse. Honesty is the foundation of a relationship that is meant to last.

Couples who struggle with honesty have a much higher failure rate than couples who are able to be honest with each other. Dishonesty can come in many forms, including infidelity, financial problems, and a general inability to be truthful.

Support: Hardships are bound to happen and may or may not be caused by the relationship itself. Regardless, a successful relationship will offer support in these times of hardship. The benefit of a relationship is that you have someone to listen and offer advice who is often more familiar with your regular situations.

The death of a loved one, medical concern, or loss of job can add undue stresses to a relationship. When your partner is struggling in a situation, it's best to offer a listening ear and show support when they need it.

Compassion: Many people also seek someone who is compassionate to the needs of others and willing to give support to those in need. This may be through church or charity, or just through their own friends and loved ones.

It's vital to not just offer support to your partner at their time of need, but to show compassion to the situation. Empathy is a desirable trait because it demonstrates a willingness to put others before one's self.

Humor: Humor will help you through anything, particularly in the face of adversity. Because of this, many individuals list their most sought trait in a relationship as a sense of humor. Everyone's humor style varies, but as long as you find someone who shares yours, then it can take your relationship far.

Humor can breath life into the most mundane of situations and it will be needed at many points within the relationship. Importantly, it offers a distraction from some of the rough moments we can encounter on a daily basis. Sometimes, humor can even bring out the positives in a negative situation.

Sensuality: While sensuality isn't the most important part of a relationship, it is something most people will list on desirable traits for their partner. Sensuality doesn't have to mean having a hungry sex appetite. It is often paired with confidence and can be expressed in any number of ways.

Sensuality is different between all couples. The important part is to play an active role within the relationship and listen to your partner's needs. Some individuals have higher needs than others but as long as both parties are satisfied, the relationship will be successful.

Respect: Above all else, respect is an absolute necessity in any sort of relationship, but especially when you're intimate with someone. Respect has to be earned though, so don't think you're going to get it without giving it. It means considering another's opinions and demonstrating your admiration through your words and actions.

When you truly respect someone all of the other elements you seek in a relationship will fall in line. Respect is the ultimate demonstration that you care for someone and want them to play a vital role within your life.

Physical Attraction: Physical attraction plays a key role in who we select as a potential partner. It can be found in the smallest of elements, like eyes, or in more obvious signs, like body type.  Humans are visual creatures and will often seek relationships of any sort based around the way someone presents themselves. Each person finds different physical traits attractive so the possibilities are limitless.

Don't always expect fireworks right away though. Writer Craig Bowman has asked how important physical attraction is in a relationship and found that while it is certainly crucial, it isn't always apparent. Some couples may find that physical attraction takes a while to occur, sometimes developing after a relationship has formed.

In the end, it's important to find someone who is right for you. Physical attraction may get you in the door, but you won't get any further without offering more to the relationship. Your heart and brain will lead you on the correct path.

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