Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Friends Who Show Off Their Boos On Social Media May Be Insecure In The Relationship

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We've all done it, or at least most of us with social media presence have done it. I mean gush about your boo or show off how great and fantastic your relationship is. Now, a recent study is trying to tell us that we may just be showing our insecurity.

The results of the study was published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin and says that social media users who constantly feel the need to make Facebook friends aware of their romantic dealings felt less secure in their relationships.

The study explored what are the reasons people overshare about their relationships on Facebook in particular - the psychological factors that drive “relationship visibility”.

“People often attempt to shape others’ perceptions of them, but the role of romantic relationships in this process is unknown,” the study’s abstract reads. “The present set of studies investigates relationship visibility, the centrality of relationships in the self-images that people convey to others. We propose that attachment underlies relationship visibility and test this hypothesis across three studies in the context of Facebook.

Avoidant individuals showed low desire for relationship visibility, whereas anxious individuals reported high desired visibility (Studies 1 and 2); however, similar motives drove both groups’ actual relationship visibility (Study 1). Moreover, both avoidant individuals and their partners were less likely to make their relationships visible (Studies 1 and 3). On a daily basis, when people felt more insecure about their partner’s feelings, they tended to make their relationships visible (Study 3). These studies highlight the role of relationships in how people portray themselves to others.”

Do you think they have a point?

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