Friday, September 26, 2014

Engaged To A Sailor - Sylvia & Theo Share Proposal Story And Pre-wedding Photos

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THE STORY: We met years back on facebook, he was fun to chat with and then I was always online because of him! He told me he was Schooling in Glasgow College of Nautical Studies(GCNS).

I didn’t believe him o, I felt he was just in Lag and that was just an act to get me, to convince me he called me with his number! I still didn’t believe him, I was really doubtful(innocent young me – LOL) With all my wahala he never gave up, he kept on calling and chatting! So when he was on holiday, he came down to Nigeria.

My house was his first stopping point, he dint even go home (funny him). He met me, my family and that was how everything started!

Theo is really heaven sent, His humility amazes me. Off course we had so many challenges but we made sure we stood for each other and then hand over everything God…I must say that God did Everything for us, sometimes when we feel its too much and then we get weak, He just gives us the strength! His hands was just on us specially, and my family gave me the encouragement I needed…

Hmmm because i tell you the truth it’s not easy to date a sailor but family and friends made it easier! My friends Noroh and Juwa God bless u for me…well Theo is the Gift that i can never stop thanking God for.

THE PROPOSAL : am a very inquisitive person to the core, so it was difficult for him to plan this.

After a difficult exam paper, I called him that i was coming over to rest in his place, he said ok! When i got there he was outside the house with his cousin, we greeted and i went to the room to rest. When i put my head on the pillow it wasn’t really smooth so i had to check what it was lo and behold it was a ring. I was really shocked, that was when i noticed the decor on the wall, the music that was playing( Forever- R Kelly), the write ups and all..i dint notice all that when i got in cos i was really tired! in my shock he rushed in and knelt down, collected the ring and said “Matlong Will you be my Life partner” OMG i busted into tears and held him immediately, He was also in tears so i had to whisper Yes i will in his ears…that was the best day of my Life because i got the first and best surprise of my life.

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