Monday, September 15, 2014

Django Unchained Star Daniele Watts Detained For Public Sex With Her White Boyfriend

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Daniele Watts, a hollywood actress who played the role of a slave house maid in Django Unchained, was detained briefly by police officers after she was allegedly caught having sex with boyfriend, Brian James Lucas, in the passenger seat of their car on Sept. 11.

Reports say when the police arrived at where the couple were and asked for her ID, the actress went off on them, accusing them of being racist. The actress asked the police, "Do you know how many times we’ve been stopped because I’m black and he’s white?"

This was heard in an audio recording obtained by TMZ, Danielle is over heard telling Sgt. Jim Parker, "It's my right to sit on the f–king street corner and make out with my boyfriend."

I wonder, should she have just given her ID and saved herself the stress? And public sex is still illegal whether one is black or white, right?

In a later statement released by the LAPD, the police insisted they;

"located two individuals that matched the description of the suspects - after a 911 call - and they were briefly detained. Upon further investigation it was determined that no crime had been committed,. Ms. Watts and her companion were subsequently released."

Danielle Watts in Django Unchained

Danielle and Husband recently


  1. single and not lookingSeptember 15, 2014 11:28 PM

    Your headline says husband, your article says boyfriend. So, which one is it?

    1. It also says "arrested", she wasn't arrested.

    2. Please read the update to this story;

  2. There seems to be some mix-up. Will confirm.


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