Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cheating Man Ordered to Pay $5K for Taking Girlfriend's Virginity

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A married chinese man who had sex with his virgin girlfriend after telling her he was single has been ordered to pay an equivalent of $5,000 in compensation.

A People's Court in Pudong New Area had ordered the man, surnamed Li, to pay his younger lover, surnamed Chen, the money in compensation for violating her "virginity right".

This is the first time I'm hearing about virginity as a right, and a man being made to pay back for it in such a situation. I'm still thinking whether it is a good or bad thing. Read on for the full story according to SCMP,

The court heard how Chen met Li online five years ago but didn't start dating him until September 2013, at which time Li told her he was a bachelor.

During a trip to Singapore later in the year, the couple had sex for the first time, but after they returned to China Li became distant and soon broke off their relationship.

In February, unable to contact Li, Chen broke into his home, where she met his wife.

On March 26, Chen filed a lawsuit alleging that Li had "violated her virginity by deception". She demanded 500,000 yuan in compensation and a written apology.

Li's attorney denied that the couple had had sex, but said his client had been serious about their relationship.

The court held that virginity was a civil right that should be protected, and that perpetrators who violate it can be held liable. By taking Chen's virginity by deception, it said, Li had brought about a negative influence on her health and reputation, and should therefore pay compensation and apologise.

Though this case was the first of its kind in Shanghai, it is not without precedent in China.

In February 2013, a court in Xiamen, Fujian province ruled that a married man who had a one-night stand with a woman during which he represented himself as single had violated her "chastity rights" and should make a written apology and pay a symbolic compensation of 1 yuan.

Courts in Kunming and Shenzhen have also ordered rapists whose victims were virgins to pay greater levels of compensation for violating the women's "chastity rights".

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  1. Serve him right. How I wish such law is enforced in my dear country Nigeria.


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