Monday, September 1, 2014

Boob Job Gone Wrong - Woman's Breast Implants Burst Open Days After Cheap Surgery

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30 years old beauty therapist, Claire Hawker, went abroad for a bargain boob job and was horrified when the implants burst through her skin just days later, nearly killing her.

A friend had recommended the cheap cosmetic surgeon in Prague and the single mother was initially delighted with her new figure. But just days after returning home, her size G breasts started leaking a brown discharge and suddenly burst open.

She was rushed to hospital and surgeons warned the mother-of-two she would die if the implants were not removed immediately. Recounting her experience, Ms Hawker says:

‘I remember feeling scared then angry when I was told my implants would have to be taken out - but I had no choice. I had wanted bigger boobs for almost a decade because they had really sagged after having children. My confidence was rock bottom.'

Though the initial implants were removed, Ms Hawker had new implants replacing them with another surgery in the UK soon after. Photos below...

Before surgery

After enhancement

Implants burst the stitches

Claire Hawker underwent further surgery in the UK to correct the damage and enlarge her breasts again 

Claire Hawker now


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