Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beyonce Holds Champagne Glass To Disprove Pregnancy Rumors?

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For a long while now as their On the Run Tour wound to a close in the US and moved to Europe, rumors had spread that Beyonce was pregnant with her second child. On the last night in Paris, Jay Z stirred up those speculations after he changed his lyrics to mention a new baby in a song.

Now that the tour is over, it seems the couple want to put the talk to rest. Yesterday pictures of Beyonce made sure she was photographed holding a full champagne glass to celebrate the end of the massively successful tour..

The question remains, is she just holding it in solidarity with those celebrating the toast or did she drink the wine? LOL...

I'm beginning to agree with a friend who think this couple deliberately manipulate the press for their own ends. If that is so, it works for me too :)

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