Monday, September 15, 2014

26 Year Old Mom Of Two Charged With Raping A Sleeping Man

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Chantae Gilman is facing rape charges after a man alleged woke up to find her on top of him in his apartment, pinning his arms down.

The unidentified victim, 31, reported the June 17 attack to police saying that he did not know Gilman personally but said she was an acquaintance of another man in the duplex.

He described her as 'a drug user in the area.'

Gilman has prior felon convictions for attempted robbery and possession of a stolen vehicle.

According the the police report, on the night of the attack the man had attended a birthday party for a neighbor known to Gilman, and then returned home to sleep. He woke up to Gilman atop him.

Detective Roger Ishimitsu worked on the case, and told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer;

'Once arriving home he fell asleep on his bed.

Victim slept very hard due to a long day.'

He woke at 2 a.m. to find the 5'7''. 240-pound Gilman on top of him with his erect penis inside of her. His hands had been 'pinned down over his head.

He told her to get off of him but Gilman ignored him. Finally he was 'able to work his way out from underneath' her.

He was then able to eject her from the apartment before going to the Harborview Medical Center for a sexual assault examination.

It's still unclear how she was able to get into the apartment.

Gilman denied knowing the man to police and said she did not remember being at his house or having sex with him. Detective Ishimitsu wrote:

'She said that she has a mental illness and suffers from Bipolar disorder and Psychosis.'

A sample of her DNA matched female DNA recovered from the sexual assault kit.

She has since been charged with second-degree rape for assaulting a victim 'incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse by reason of being physically helpless.'


According to recent Facebook posts, she said she was '2months sober and I'm 31 weeks pregnant.'

She is the mother of two other young children.

Detectives agreed it was unusual to have female charged with such a crime. Detective Drew Fowler, told KOMO,

'From a statistical standpoint, yes, it is atypical to have a female aggressor, but we work to hold all people responsible for their actions. The law is specifically written to be gender-equitable and we will charge anybody with a crime that they've committed.'

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