Monday, August 11, 2014

The Final Dose Of Experimental Ebola Drug Will Be Used To Treat Spanish Priest

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The Spanish priest, Miguel Pajares, who got infected with Ebola while working in Liberia will be treated with ZMapp.

The drug arrived at Madrid’s La Paz-Carlos III hospital where the 75-year-old missionary was being treated in isolation, the health ministry said in a statement late on Saturday.

According to reports, the dose sent to Spain for the priest is the third and final dose of ZMapp available currently. The company says more doses will only become available in 2015.

Some people on social media have already pointed out that it seems unfair that African's request for the drugs were denied after the initial two doses of the experimental drug was also used on two Americans infected with Ebola.

Miguel Pajares was one of three people who tested positive for Ebola at the Saint Joseph Hospital in the Liberian capital Monrovia where he worked.

Spain’s drug safety agency allowed the “exceptional importation” of ZMapp under a law that allows “the use of non-authorised medications in cases where a patent’s life is in danger and they can’t be treated satisfactorily with an authorised medication,” it said.

He was brought back to Spain on Thursday on a medically equipped Spanish airforce plane, the first patient in the fast-spreading Ebola outbreak to be evacuated to Europe for treatment.

Spanish health authorities said on Thursday the priest was in a stable condition. The hospital is not providing medical updates for the missionary at his request.

The military flight also evacuated Spanish nun Juliana Bonoha Bohe, 65, who worked at the same hospital as Pajares in Liberia and who was found not to have Ebola.

The Spanish charity Pajares worked for, the Hospitaller Brothers of St John of God, had asked Madrid to bring to Spain for treatment two African missionaries infected with Ebola who also worked at the hospital but the request was turned down.

One of those two missionaries, a Congolese nun, died on Saturday due to Ebola, the charity said.

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