Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sri Lankan Girl Slaps Street Tout 6 Times For Insulting Her Outfit

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This is said to have happened at the Wariyapola bus stand, a popular gathering point in Sri Lanka. The man insulted the young lady for wearing skinny jeans and a blouse with open sleeves and she challenged him. As she got progressively more angry as she spoke, she slapped the guy and kept slapping and hitting him.

Many have said she went overboard in showing her anger, and that calling him out or insulting him back, or at most one slap would have sufficed to teach him a lesson. They point out that the man could have attacked her back, and she's just lucky he took the beat-down like a gentleman.

I say a gentleman wouldn't have insulted a lady in the first place. See the video below and share your thoughts...


  1. This is assault. If the tables were turned, people would be calling for his arrest. She seems to be showing that because she is of a higher class, she can do whatever she likes and get away with it. Arrest the bully, I say.

  2. I agree, double standards...arrant nonsense!

  3. We can't see in the video what the man might have said or done initially. Probably he was at fault, as it is common in places like Sri Lanka for men in society to feel they have a right to attack, accuse or criticize women for how they dress. So in that sense, I wouldn't say that the woman's behavior was uncalled for or excessive. In fact she showed her bravery, while he ultimately showed his humility. Good on her and in the end, good on him as well.


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