Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One [Music Video Romance]

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The music video for Sam Smith's I'm Not The Only One is directed by Luke Monaghan and features Dianna Agron as an unhappy wife and Chris Messina as the philandering husband.

Agron’s character must have somehow found out about her husband’s indiscretions but she chooses not to confront him and instead bottles it up within her. When he is not there, she lets loose on the pain inside her, proceeding to uncork a bottle of white wine in the middle of her neighborhood liquor store, drink away her problems, and then eventually set fire to Messina’s possessions.

And as seems accepted in these music videos, she cleans up her tears and her mess, and welcomes him back home at the end like everythings OK. I guess that's the power of love. Count me out, sha.

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