Friday, August 8, 2014

Salt Water Is NOT Ebola Cure! Read Apolgy of Prankster Who Started The Text Messages

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I received the same broadcast messages from a couple of my BBM contacts in Nigeria which say that I must bathe with warm salty water before going out for the day. They read in full;

‘Please ensure that you and your family and all your neighbours bath with hot water and salt before daybreak today because of Ebola virus which is spreading through the air.’

Please people, can we stop spreading panic and misinformation?

Scientific research has confirmed that there is no known cure for the Ebola Virus except the two experimental drugs in the United States of America that may improve outcomes. An inconclusive research carried out in 1989 by a team led by a former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Maurice Iwu indicated that bitter kola may have some effects.

Continue reading for the apology of the female student who started the prank.

I Started The Saltwater Ebola Cure Rumor I Truely Am Sorry – by DRealGeesam1

My confession and apology

Dear nairalanders and everyone who have heard of the ebola Prevention “News”, My name is Adesewa, I am coming out clean because what started has a joke has escalated into the unprecedented.
How it started
Yesterday i was with friend in her hostel, we were talking about this Ebola out break, when one of my friends, Funke (she introduced me to nairaland) brought the idea of Us playing a prank on our friends. The first suggestion was to tell people that aloe very could cure Ebola, but we thought it would sound too ridiculous so we forgot about it.

Later that even an idea came to me (i now regret that i did it).
I decided to send a BBM broadcast message to my friends, telling them that the Ministry of Health has asked everyone to bathe with salt and warm water and drink some of it.
I sent the message 7:08pm yesterday

Later this midnight i started getting calls and messages that i should drink salt water and bath with it.

All efforts to tell people that i was the one who started the joke failed. Only my friends who i mentioned earlier believed me. Even my mum could me this morning, i did not know what to tell her.

I am using this medium to beg you all to warn and tell everyone, before they drink salt and damage their health.

Please dont be hash on me. I know this has gone out of hand. I never knew it will be this serious. Some have even added to the original message i sent.

In conclusion, salt has no known effect as a cure for Ebola, your best best is to observe high personal hygiene so as not to be infected. Wash your hands often, and this includes constant usage of sanitisers.

Avoid crowds, people who look sick and tell your friends and family to do the same.

Click HERE and HERE to read all the tips!


  1. The chlorine in swimming pools helps kill the virus
    Dr Ayoade Alakija told us about it a week ago.
    Washing your hands is also important.

    Check to see the video and her advice.


  2. How can Nigerians be so gullible. FYI SALT WATER IS NOT THE SAME THING AS CHLORINE!

  3. Then the girl is still playing pranks because, this is another link which contradicts her claims:

    1. Madam, your link is not complete o.

  4. Sorry about that. I noticed. This is the correct link:


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