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Resident Wants Ebola Index Case In Port Harcourt To Be Named And Hotel Quarantined

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We have discussed before whether Ebola infected or suspected cases should be named, and most say for legal and ethical reasons, it may be best not to. I think I agree. Before I continue, let us know this.

FACT! Ebola does not kill all in contact with infected persons. So far, the kill rate is 50% which is still not good, but let's not spread panic. 

I don't think it's necessary to name the ECOWAS staff who is the index case of Ebola in Port Harcourt, having been in contact with Patrick Sawyer, the Nigerian index case. I hear he/she is now Ebola free, he was treated and survived, unfortunately, the doctor who treated him contracted the disease and died.

Also, reputable news sources say the ECOWAS staff is being monitored in Lagos, if so, there is no need to release his name to PH residents.

But I agree that the hotel should be closed and cleaned up.

To all residents of PH, please do stay safe. Reduce your contact with crowds and strangers, wash your hands regularly and report anyone who you know is sick.

Below is an excerpt from the resident's mail to Ladun Liadi that spurred this post, as well as the full text of a TV broadcast by Rotimi Amaehi, the governor of Rivers State.

... the deadly Ebola Virus has been imported into PHC (my city sobs...) because of some ignorant,selfish people. Now even worse off, the people are at more risk because the govt for reasons best know to them (I suspect political etc), have refused to disclose the name of the hotel and diplomat concerned. Now if vital information like this is withheld from the masses how do they intend to contain the spread of this virus in PHC? We all know that there has been a lot of contact with the supposedly infected persons ( both primary and secondary). This information needs to be passed on so people that have made contact  can come out to get tested and treated.

The names of the hospitals concerned and  the medical doc have been revealed. But why is the name of the hotel and the said diplomat held back? Could this be because it is a  "big men's hotel/even govt owned" or "big man"  respectively. Rumour  has it that the hotel is a government owned hotel and this info is concealed because some political rally is scheduled to hold in PHC next week and they do not need this kind of bad publicity because it is bad for business.  If this is true, then this is sheer wickedness as this hotel is still open and functional. Thereby putting the public at risk.  Like i said it is a rumour and I cannot confirm this. However, our people say there is no smoke without fire.

The bottom line is that we are not well equipped to fight this kind of epidermic head on. We don't even have one vaccine "na beg we dey beg other countries wey get, to help us". Therefore, the best way out of this is to tackle it at the early stages before it spreads like wild fire. For this to happen, our people must be sincere, devoid of any selfish interest, pass on all vital information to the masses and create full awareness. So that people can take precautionary measure to protect themselves and those who have made contact with infected persons can also turn up for testing and treatment.

For goodness sakes this virus is very contagious just by mere contact with an  infected persons body fluid. The earlier we act, the better for us.  We  must show love and be our brothers keeper. Do not hide your family members or friends who you suspect have made contact with infected persons or areas. Report yourself if you are at risk or them as the case maybe, so that you can get help and live....otherwise you will KPAI and others you love who were in  contact with you will follow too suit, except God saves you.

Ebola is so bad in neighbouring african countries because of lack of information and slow action at the very early stages. However, I must commend Lagos state and Federal for their swift action in Lagos. They reduced the Ebola infected cases to only 1, until we got the sad new of PHC. Please Rivers State must act fast because this is no joke and definitely not some political rivalry. We at the break of an epidermic and innocent lives are at stake.


Again, Ebola does not kill all, it can be survived, it can be beaten, and it can be contained. It has been done in Lagos, and it can be contained in Port Harcourt.

Let us believe that, and please report cases as soon as observed.

Ebola help lines PH - 08167733937, 07036321076, 08037025683 or 112.

The good Lord will see us through. Also check out the speech by Rotimi Amaechi;

"My dear people of Rivers State, we woke up this morning to the sad confirmation that the dreaded Ebola virus disease has claimed its first victim in Rivers State.

Dr. Iyke Sam Enemuo died last Friday, August 22, 2014 as a result of what was suspected to be Ebola virus disease. The State Ministry of Health on becoming aware of the conditions of his death, immediately commenced investigations and contact tracing. As at today, about one hundred contacts from a hotel, patients of Dr. Enemuo and patients of the hospital where the late Enemuo was treated until his demise have been identified and restricted. The different locations are being decontaminated.

Our investigations reveal that:

1. A staff of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on the team that received late Dr. Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian American diplomat who died of Ebola haemorrhagic disease in Lagos, Nigeria made a trip to Port Harcourt where he checked into a hotel and met with Dr. Iyke Sam Enemuo.

2. About a week after his departure, Dr. Iyke Enemuo took ill and was rushed to a hospital with symptoms of fever, diarrhea and vomiting. In the course of treatment, the managing physician became suspicious and took blood samples for investigation.

3. A few days later, Dr. Iyke Enemuo died, precisely on August 22, 2014. Dr. Iyke Enemuo’s widow, who is also a medical doctor and who cared for him during his illness has taken ill. She is being quarantined.

4. The diplomat who was seen by late Dr. Iyke Enemuo is alive and well.

There’s no need to panic. Everyone should remain calm and go about their normal businesses. The Government of Rivers State is doing everything possible to contain the effects and spread of the Ebola virus.

We have the material and human resources we need to fight and defeat the deadly virus. Officials from the Federal Ministry of Health and other international agencies are already here working with the state ministry of health to contain and combat the virus.

Now, we must all endeavour to adhere to basic hygiene rules. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water and avoid unnecessary body contacts like shaking of hands.

Anyone with symptoms indicative of diarrhea, high fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, excessive weakness of the body and unexplained bleeding, should call these our Ebola emergency numbers: 08167733939, 07036321076, 08033124314 or our State emergency call centre: 112.

It is a known fact that early detection and appropriate medical attention increases the chances of survival of an infected person. People have survived Ebola and more people can survive it. There is no need or reason to hide or run away. Seek immediate medical help. Call our Ebola help lines.

Together, we can contain and defeat the ebola virus.

Thank you, stay safe and God bless.

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