Saturday, August 2, 2014

Nkiru Sylvanus Defends Views On Being A Second Wife, Says She's Not Dating a Married Man

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Nkiru Sylvanus said she'll consider being a second wife in an interview with Channels TV promoting her new movie, The Voice. She said,

“It depends on who and the condition. Yes (I’ll seriously consider it), if the situation is right and the person is a good person, because there are situations and conditions that can actually make you find the right person in the wrong place and at the wrong time.”

A lot of people did not appreciate her stance and called her out. So in a another interview with Punch, the actress has defended her comments and insists she is not dating a politician. She said;

“I had an interview on the television where I was asked if I could be a second wife for any reason and I said yes. You can never say never because anything is possible, life is full of surprises. Being a second wife is not a crime, it is not something you do and get condemned for life.

If you find the right person and he is married and willing to take you into his home and you are willing to accept the challenges, then why not give it a chance. So if I find myself in that situation where I find a man that I love, appreciate and want to spend the rest of my life with and he is married, I would follow my happiness.

I am just saying that we should not discriminate against women who are second wives because you cannot tell another person’s story better than the person. As you can see, I am still single; I am not yet married.”

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  1. i cant believe she actually said this. For real? In this age and time? Thought the culture of polygamy has been all washed out? Don't women deserve more, to be the wife and the lover and all?
    well, that's her 'thinking' level..


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