Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nigerians Blame Minister For Ebola Outbreak, Ask For An Apology

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In April, 2014, the Nigerian Minister of Information said the country had Ebola vaccines and drugs to cure the Ebola virus. Some people say this may be why Patrick Sawyer decided to come to Nigeria while sick, and have blamed the Minister that his ignorance could be the cause of Ebola in Nigeria.

As the virus began to sweep across West Africa, the Federal Executive Council had discussed the preparedness of Nigeria to deal with the Ebola Virus Disease, if or when it came into the country. Premium Times reported that Maku had said:

“Nigeria is ready because the Ministry has taken every precaution, including getting the vaccines and medicines in case there was any incident in Nigeria.

So far, there is nothing like Ebola fever in Nigeria, and Council was reassured that every step has been taken to ready our country just in case, infected persons come into the country from our neighbouring countries."

I personally don't think he is to blame, it is highly unlikely Patrick Sawyer saw the article. Though the wife of the first Ebola victim in Nigeria say he came for the treatment, all descriptions of his actions say he just did not want to believe he had Ebola, rather than that he asked for vaccines or drugs.

But it is very disturbing that he had been so ignorant about the disease, and if it is the case that it was the Health Minister that he was repeating, then both of them should be queried.

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