Monday, August 11, 2014

#MikeBrown - Reactions Divided On Ferguson Riots And Looting After Black Teen Is Killed By Police

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The fatal shooting Saturday of Mike Brown, an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, sparked outrage on social media over the weekend.

Then on Sunday night, riots broke out leading to looting in stores near the scene of the incident. A liquor store and a gas station were looted while police in riot gear tried to control the crowd.

On Facebook where I had been following the news, the reports of the demonstrations led to different opinions, with some commenters supporting or condemning the violent and criminal acts.

Mason Stromberg said; "The family is literally begging people to stop rioting looting and burning. The violence has nothing to do with the boy who was shot, people are merely using his death as an excuse to score some free shit. Shameful behavior, and no way to respect his life. Shame on every one of you participating in this."

Sami Salameh - When you treat and shoot people like animals, its only a matter of time before that animal bites back. Police and the "justice" system would be wise to be careful or else all the riot gear in the world wont protect them from citizens who have had enough.

Christopher Whitfield, Jr. - All I'm going to say about this madness going on in St. Louis, and the whole ‪#‎MikeBrown‬ incident is that first of all, peaceful protest is always the way to go with these instances. Second of all, the black community needs to realize that violence begets more violence. You are giving power and perpetrating a stereotype that has oppressed us for centuries when you act like this. True enough, this country affords us the ability to make whatever decision we want, but just because we have the freedom to make those decisions, does not mean you are free from the subsequent consequences that follow erratic, and misplaced anger. The community has a right to be upset, but you DO NOT have the right to destroy businesses and carry out a ruthless attack on the police as a source of your fountain of anger. Remember, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

Dizzy Wright - Man I really hate this shit I know that peace won't come from people rioting but peace won't ever come if the police are allowed to kill unarmed kids and call them thugs, Nobody should have to bury there child police should be required to wear little cameras on there badges or something I don't fkn know but we need some kind of change I'm praying for the family of #MikeBrown #Ferguson

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