Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Man Who Kicked Toddler to Death Because She Soiled Herself Sentenced To Life In Prison

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The man who killed the 2-year-old Amina Agboola,  has been sentenced to life in prison in England. 20-year Dean Harris was dating Amina’s mother Sarah, and killed Amina after becoming frustrated at her soiling herself.

Harris killed Amina Agboola by kicking her so hard she was thrown six feet across the room and ruptured her liver. The force of the blow was severe that it tore her liver in two. According to reports, paramedics say they found her body lying “like a rag doll”.

In a detailed confession letter, Harris admitted to manslaughter but was convicted of the child’s murder. He will spend a minimum of 17 years in prison.

Amina's father is 26 year old Reuben Agboola who had Amina with Sarah Racqueman. When Reuben and Sarah split, he hardly saw his daughter and a year later officers told him that little Amina had been killed.

At the sentencing, Reuben Agboola said;

“I am pleased with the sentence Dean Harris has received today. However the grief feels like it has no end. I think about Amina constantly. I still cry everyday.

I go through the motions of living but inside I am somewhere else thinking about my daughter all the time. No one understands the pain except those people who are experiencing it.

My heart reaches out to every parent on earth who is suffering the loss of a child.”

Amina's mother, Sarah Racqueman, 29, who had been in a relationship with Mr Harris for just five months, was cleared by a jury in June of causing or allowing her death.

The court heard that Harris was left alone with the toddler in November last year despite warnings from social workers that he was dangerous because of a history of domestic violence.

Amina's mother, Sarah Racqueman, was acquitted of causing or allowing the death but admitted two other charges of neglect relating to other children.

She was given a suspended sentence earlier this month.

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