Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Is Jay Z- Really A Time Traveller? Has 1939 Doppelganger And Now A 3-Year-Old Lookalike

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There’s a photo of a little boy who looks just like Jay Z currently going viral on the interwebs. Reddit user BasedMath submitted the photo of a woman and two kids, saying simply, "My friend's son looks like Jay-Z". In the comments some were joking that Jay Z has a secret son.

But someone else brought up Jay Z's 1939 Doppelganger and the thread took another turn as some talked about illuminati and time travel. One comment had me laughing out loud.

No way man, this is how it is. Jay-Z is a pioneer time traveler born in the year 2006. He travelled back to the 1930's with knowledge of which businesses would survive the depression and invested. After depositing his earnings in a high interest bank account, he travelled to the year 1995 where he somehow was able to start his own independent record label with no prior experience. 

30 years later he will be the richest man on the planet, and the only one with the knowledge to use that wealth to stop japan from hosting the 2020 robot olympics. Thereby preventing the robot uprising and the downfall of humanity.

I'm still laughing. What do you think? See more pictures below...

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