Saturday, August 16, 2014

Horrifying Photos Show How Ebola In Liberia Is Taking A Toll On Victims And Families

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The death toll of this most recent Ebola outbreak, which started in Guinea, but has spread through Liberia, Sierra Leone, and with a small pocket in Nigeria, has been put at 1,069.

Doctors Without Borders president, Joanne Liu, had earlier said it will take 6 months to bring the epidemic under control. Liu met with Ebola patients and doctors in a 10-day trip to the worst affected areas, and said the outbreak felt like 'wartime, in terms of fear and nobody knowing what is going on'.

Photographer John Moore visited Liberia, where Ebola has taken a lot of lives, and his pictures put the visuals to Joanne Lui's words. These are sad images of loss, grief, pain, despair and horror as an innocent people grapple with a disease that is killing off their loved ones.

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I like how the photographer highlighted also that the last refuge is the people's faith. The health workers clear away the dead hoping their masks will keep them safe, but knowing that it could also fail them.

In times like this, prayers may not protect you from the virus, but your beliefs will give you peace in the midst of the storm.

I am praying for all the countries and people affected by Ebola, and I hope this is the beginning of the end of the outbreak.

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