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Get The Facts About Nano Silver, The First Experimental Treatment For Ebola In Nigeria

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As disclosed by the Minister of Health, Nano Silver is the first experimental treatment for the Ebola Virus to get to Nigeria for use of patients at the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Lagos.

Ig you're like me, this is possibly the first time you're hearing about Nano Silver. So what do you need to know about it? After I posted this blog update yesterday, I was contacted by a US Doctor who has sent a letter introducing Nano Silver to Nigeria. She wrote;

As the medical doctor who wrote that Ebola was inactivated by Nano Silver to the President of Nigeria and the Minister of Health as well as the Presidents and Ministers of Heath of the other afflicted nations, I would be delighted to be contacted by you so that you can publish the full picture about how Nano Silver can be used for health promotion in Ebola and beyond it.

I have contacted Dr. Rima Laibow with some questions, and while I wait for her repy, I read through her website and research conclusions she provides about Nano Silver and the efficacy against Ebola.

Dr. Rima Laibow talks about Nano Silver in the video above and writes on her blog;

Is it safe for everyone?  Yes.  Placebo controlled double blind studies show that it leaves the body in 24 hours and leaves behind only one change: the disease causing organisms are defeated.  Nothing else changes and nobody turns blue!Is it effective?  Yes, against every disease causing organism it has eve been tested on.  I’ve used it for decades in my practice and my own life.  It is as close to a miracle as I ever expect to see. Can you take too much? No. You can waste valuable resources by chug a lugging it, but it won’t hurt you if you do.

Some “The Ebola Nano Silver Solution” Questions and Answers

Am I sure that Ebola actually could be stopped by Nano Silver 10 PPM?
Yes.  The research is definitive

Is Nano Silver 10 PPM the same as colloidal or ionic silver?
No.  It is quite different and, unlike colloidal silver, cannot be made at home.

Am I sure that It is safe for everyone?
Yes.  There is absolutely no known toxicity for Nano Silver 10 PPM.

Am I aware that Nano Silver particles are dangerous if inhaled?
Yes.  I do not recommend inhaling this or any other liquid.

Am I sure that it won’t expire?
Yes.  FDA does not require expiration dates on Nano Silver since it does not lose its potency with time.

Am I sure that the virus won’t become resistant to Nano Silver 10 PPM?
Yes. The mechanism of action does not allow resistance to develop.

Would I tell them which Nano Silver was used in the definitive study?
Yes. Dr. Rima Recommends™ The Silver Solution IS the identical Nano Silver used in the DTRA study.

Am I afraid of getting Ebola?
No – I have Nano Silver 10 PPM in my closet~!

Does Nano Siver 10 PPM work on pets?
No.  It works on disease causing organisms and if the pet has it, the effect will be to get rid of them.

Does Nano Silver 10 PPM kill the beneficial bacteria we depend on for health and immune function?
No.  Nano Silver only affects disease causing organisms, which is part of its beauty.

In the open letter sent to African Presidents and Health Ministers [read in full here], Dr. Laibow goes into more detail;

"... there is good reason to believe that there already is a natural solution for, and prevention against, the terrifying novel Ebola virus for which, at this point, no effective treatment or counter measures are thought to exist.

There is, in fact, a well-established, non-toxic anti-microbial, without any known side effects, available at remarkably low cost which –

• Requires no refrigeration
• Is self-sterilizing.
• Is readily available
• Has a very long shelf life
• Is not subject to degradation under temperature and humidity extremes.

That nutrient substance is Nano Silver.

The anti-viral effects of Nano Silver are well known and well established by numerous studies.

The risks of Nano Silver to the environment are slim-to-none since it is comprised not of colloidal or ionic silver particles (which can show some minor toxicity) but very small metallic silver particles. Its efficacy as a non-toxic, novel anti-viral therapy which leaves normal biota intact is extremely promising.

“Silver nanoparticles have mainly been studied for their antimicrobial potential against bacteria, but have also proven to be active against several types of viruses including human imuno-deficiency virus, hepatitis B virus, herpes simplex virus, respiratory syncytial virus, and monkey pox virus. The use of metal nanoparticles provides an interesting opportunity for novel antiviral therapies.”

Nano silver particles interfere with binding and replication in ways which cannot lead to the development of resistant organisms.

"... silver nanoparticles exert anti-HIV activity at an early stage of viral replication, most likely as a virucidal agent or as an inhibitor of viral entry. Silver nanoparticles bind to gp120 in a manner that prevents CD4-dependent virion binding, fusion, and infectivity, acting as an effective virucidal agent against cell-free virus (laboratory strains, clinical isolates, T and M tropic strains, and resistant strains) and cell-associated virus. Besides, silver nanoparticles inhibit post-entry stages of the HIV-1 life cycle.


These properties make them a broad-spectrum agent not prone to inducing resistance that could be used preventively against a wide variety of circulating HIV-1 strains.”

These results have been replicated often against many organisms. In fact, no reports were found in a literature search for Nano Silver failures as a virucide.

Nano Silver as a natural virucide offers the following advantages:

- All evidence suggests that Nano Silver will work where vaccines do not exist or fail and are effective even when the immune system is impaired, such as in AIDS.

- While there are some suggestions of mild risks to the environment, our research shows that they are unfounded and often associated with conflicts of interest since the widespread use and acceptance of Nano Silver directly threatens both the powerful
vaccine and antibiotic industries.

- Nano Silver is widely used around the world for its anti-microbial characteristics and is, in fact, approved by the United States FDA as a surface cleaner for hospitals, food service and other health-sensitive areas because of its notable efficacy and non-toxic profile.

- Sufficient short term protection for an individual outbreak cluster is provided by the use of Nano Silver that an epidemic can be effectively prevented even after infection clusters have been established.

- Therapy can be started after infection, and normal immune function, including GI flora, is left intact to assist in recovery and prevent opportunistic co-infection.

- There is no longer any need to vaccinate whole world populations for control of a viral epidemic.

- Nano Silver is stable at room temperature.

- Nano Silver offers a potentially beneficial therapy against virtually all types of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens (including malaria and dengue is self-sterilizing, reducing its cost and increasing its usefulness in challenging circumstances.

- Nano Silver is a pro-immunity nutrient.

Even nature uses Nano Silver, which is produced as a natural virucide by some organisms. The organism making it showed that “the viral inactivation process was increased with increasing the concentration”.


The use of Nano Silver has been confirmed by the Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu at a news conference in Abuja yesterday, stating it had been offered by a Nigerian in Diaspora. I don't know right now if this Nigerian is obtaining his Nano Silver from Dr. Rima Laibow.

The Minister said the country is in touch with the WHO to get some of the other experimental drugs including ZMapp, TKM Ebola, and a Canadian vaccine, but they will begin Nano Silver therapy immediately.

According to him, the decision to use Nano Silver as part of the treatment regimen on the EVD patients is in line with the protocols of the National Health Research Ethics code, and will be monitored by the research committee to verify effectiveness.

WHO approved the use of experimental Ebola drugs earlier this week, after a panel of ethicists it convened condoned such treatments because of the challenges of controlling the outbreak that has killed more than 1,000 people.

So do you think the Nigerian government is right to use Nano Silver, and does this information about the treatment make you hopeful for the Ebola patients?


  1. It definitely makes me more hopeful for the victims of Ebola. This may be a ray of sunshine, after all. Thank God.

  2. Every body in the world should have nanosilver in first aid box to kill bactaria virus and germs before they attack. they say it cures dengue hep b aids ebola malaria Thanks to Jesus Can everybody buy it?


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