Sunday, August 24, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Flaunts Million Dollar Cheques For Those Who Say He Can't Read

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Floyd Mayweather has responded in his own way to all those people on the Internet who had been making fun of him for not being able to read (audio here). Without saying much, the champion boxer posted a picture of two multi-million dollar checks on Twitter, along with the caption ‘Read this’.

$31 million? $40 million! OMG, not that we didn't know he was mega rich, but still, that is just two checks within a period of one year!

This reminds me of what one of my followers said on Facebook in defense of Floyd. He said;

The guy cannot read out loud. He can read and understand what's been written. We cannot know all things. The way the business of boxing come easy for him, is the way reading out loud come easy for others. Moreover, this guy is smart in boxing, marketing and promoting his fights and has his hands in many business by proxies. How I wish I can do a very good sport that we give me six figure and help me retire happily. I will love that. I have been reading yet cannot make what he makes in a hour. He might be very good studying by listening through audio and not reading books. Some are wired that way.

That is true, and Floyd aptly demonstrates this by using this opportunity to his advantage.

OK, we hear you Floyd, but still wouldn't hurt to use some of that money to get some reading lessons. And remember to pay your tax and put some in savings and investments. That is why you need to know how to read! Just joking... :)

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