Thursday, August 21, 2014

Definitely Not Why God Made Girls - A Response To RaeLynn's Single

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A new single from 2012 Voice contestant RaeLynn aims to provide the answer to why God Made Girls, but the lyrics prove to be the opposite of what she calls "girl empowerment". RaeLynn told Taste of Country: "There's just something so special about 'God Made Girls,' it comes from a girl's perspective and there's nothing like that on radio right now."

She sings; "He needed something soft and loud and sweet and proud/But tough enough to break a heart/Something beautiful and breakable that lights up in the dark/So God made girls."

I know some people may think she makes a good point, but come on, surely a woman's purpose in life has to b more than to pretty and hold a man's hand. What of those God made to be not so pretty, or to serve him and be single all their life?

See the video and more of the reasons RaeLynn thinks God Made Girls below, and tell me what you think....

to wear a pretty skirt
to be the one to flirt to flirt
to hold his hand
to make him get dressed up
to give him a reason wash that truck
to teach him how to dance
to be the one to cry
to let him drive
to give him a reason to hold that course
to put up a fight (????)
to make him wait on Saturday night to walk downstairs and blow his mind
to drag his butt to church
to hold him when he hurts


  1. First off I think it's a beautiful song.
    Also it's God made GIRLS. I don't think she's singing about women's empowerment, she's speaking from a girly girl's perspective. She wants to look pretty, hold his hands and be there for her man, kick his butt to church, and that's what SHE wants, moreover since we're on the topic of why God made girls/women, according to genesis God looked at Adam and decided to make a HELPER for him. So maybe this singer isn't far off the mark.

    That said, this is just a pretty, bright, light and breezy song, for the listener's pleasure. I don't see the need to attach much too it, or the need to make everything so heavy and serious. Sometimes you just need to smile and feel pretty.
    Now, if she wrote a book titled A Woman's Purpose Here On Earth and gave these reasons in the song then I will agree with your disagreement.

  2. LOL... since when did girls get married? I hope we're not promoting child marriage here? Just joking.

    But hey, you'll be surprised how much power songs have. Much more than books. Like how many chant RUN THE WORLD vs any feminist author of your choice.

    1. LOL @ Child marriage. I totally understand you. But I'm sure the young lady wasn't thinking that far. I'm guessing some girls/women are content with being pretty 'helpers'. To each his/her own I guess.


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