Friday, August 22, 2014

Dating Naked Contestant Sues VH1 For Showing Her Naked Crotch On TV

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Jessie Nizewitz, a naked reality star in VH1's Dating Naked, is suing the network, claiming they aired uncensored footage of her privates.

The New York model is filing a lawsuit against the show for $10 million, saying that following an uncensored shot of her crotch, she has been insulted and humiliated online. The scene featured Nizewitz performing a playful wrestling move on her date while both of them were naked.

The episode of the racy reality show [contestants have to be naked when they go on dates with each other] she's referring to aired on July 31.

I've been watching the show since I announced it here, and actually saw that episode but I can't remember seeing unblurred privates, TBH. But it really happened since the photo is really out there.

Said Nizewitz in a statement to Variety;

“Although I went on this show knowing that I would be nude while taping it, I was told that my private parts would be blurred for TV. If you watch an episode, you will see that the blur actually makes it less revealing than a bikini would. Obviously, I did not expect the world to see my private parts, this is not what I anticipated or what any other contestants on the show anticipated.”

VH1 had no comment on the suit.

More than just the bullying online, Jessie Nizewitz told NY Post her grandma has also been giving her the cold shoulder since the episode aired.

“I felt lied to, manipulated and used. I was horrified. I immediately started getting text messages. Everyone saw it. One of the messages read, ‘So your money shot is on cable TV.’”

“My grandma saw it. I saw her this week and she didn’t have much to say to me. She’s probably mad. My parents are just annoyed.

“I think they owe me a huge apology.”

She added that the show cost her a “budding relationship” with a man she had been seeing for a month.

“He never called me again after the show aired. I would have hoped we could have had a long-term relationship. He was employed, Jewish, in his 30s and that’s pretty much ideal.”

There are so many contracts these reality show contestants sign, I doube she has any chance of winning her suit. But good luck to her. The show should be more careful!

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