Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Coupled Up? Drake And Nicki Minaj Shop For Snacks At 7-11

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Drake may sing about treating his lady to lobster and shrimp, but he only took Nicki Minaj to the local 7-Eleven. But he did tell her to, "Get whatever you want. All you gotta do is point." And he even offered to get some for her friend too.

Yes, there's a video of Drake and Nicki Minaj getting some snacks like ordinary people :)

He tells her to "get some Nutella dipsticks" and he pays for everything too, Cheetos and all. Like a perfect gentleman. So cute.

And it's just for Usher's music video, "She Came to Give It to You". What if it was for real?

See the video below...

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