Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Childless Couple Lose Faith In God After 16 Years And Burn Their Bibles

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Benson and his wife, who have been married for 16 years without a child, yesterday set ablaze their bibles with their action attracting hundreds of passersby.

The couple, who live in Asaba, Delta State, are members of a popular Pentecostal church in the area around Bonssac quarters, and were angry after their high expectations of making babies were shattered by a prophet who told them they had a delay in having children because they were far from God.

Consequently, they claimed that God has abandoned them, but an insider said that they were disillusioned after several prophets told them that the Lord was totally fed up of their Christian practice,  LeadershipNg reports.

They were said to have sought the assistance of some native doctors, who allegedly lured them into serving his idol popularly known as “Onishe” where they were assured they would have children within three years.

Family sources said that the couple was married in the Catholic Church, which they dumped afterwards for the popular Pentecostal church where accusing fingers have been pointed to the pastor for raising false prophesies.

My question is, have this couple even been to hospital for their infertility?

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  1. See ehn, Myne..."my people perish for lack of knowledge" was not just a throwaway comment by God. People just refuse to pursue the knowledge available to them and make better choices. Also, they were not particularly faithful...seeking out native doctors and running from pillar to post. I think folks believe that God is a senile, father christmas jare. May God help us all to seek Him first so that ALL other things may be added to us.


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