Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Australian Man Mocks Nigerians About Ebola With Tweets Of Fake $10,000 Scam

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An Australian man named Andrew Sayer has gone on Twitter to mock Nigerians about Ebola in the country, with a fabricated story about giving $10,000 to his Nigerian friend Oghenekohwo whom he says he is now looking for.

Andrew Sayer says Oghenekohwo is yet to reply his e-mails, adding that since his friend has gone off the radar, he fears that this friend of his, whom he says lives in Port Harcourt, may have contracted the deadly Ebola virus.

Andrew then scam baits wannabe 419ers by saying he plans to send more money to this friend whenever he responds. Read the tweets below, and share your thoughts...

What I find galling and also sad is that Nigerians on social media did not immediately see through this spoof. The conversation on blogs and Twitter seem to tilt to believing this foolish story and consoling Andrew Sayer for having been duped of his hard earned money by a Nigerian scammer.

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  1. Fucken nigerian scammers, go go hell with ebola virus


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