Tuesday, August 5, 2014

55-Year-Old British Pedophile Charged For Underage Sex And Child Prostitution in Cambodia

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Justice has caught up with 55 year old British pedophile, Michael Jones, who traveled to Cambodia knowing that child prostitution is quite common there even though the country's age of consent is 15

The above picture shows Michael Jones, holding the hand of an 11-year-old in the country's capital Phnom Penh. Pictures also emerged of him with half-dressed eight and nine-year-olds, and with a small child sitting on his lap. [below]

One girl, 11, told police that she was paid £3 for sex in a room rented by a man.

Jones has been arrested after charity Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE) took pictures of Jones following a tip-off about alleged activity with underage girls in Cambodia.

It is alleged that Jones then took the girls shopping, bought them gifts and gave them money before taking them back to their houses.

He left Cambodia in mid-April before returning on June 9 when APLE started to monitor him again when he is alleged to have taken an underage girl to a rented room.

A spokesman for APLE told Wales Online that he took the girl shopping, bought food for her and took her to the cinema.

He is alleged to have been seen 'hugging and kissing' her and was seen allegedly grooming three others.

The charity spokesman claimed Jones was seen promising to pay the rent for one family.

He was arrested at a taxi rank in Phnom Penh by the Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Unit and six girls were questioned.

Four of them claimed they had been abused by Jones, who is said to be from South Wales.

An APLE spokesman said: "On June 27, 2014, Michael Jones was officially charged by Phnom Penh’s court prosecutor and he was remanded to Prey Sar prison awaiting further court proceeding and trial."

He has been charged with carrying out indecent acts against minors and paying for child prostitution. If found guilty he faces eight years in jail.

Via Mirror UK

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