Friday, August 8, 2014

2 People Die Of Salt Overdose And 20 Remain Hospitalized From Other Complications

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It seems that in Jos, Nigeria, the rumour that Ebola could be prevented by salt went beyond asking people to have salt water baths, but also said they had to consume the salt to prevent them from contracting Ebola. This has led to multiple loss of lives in the area. According to Thisday Newspapers,

At least two persons have been feared killed and 20 others hospitalised in various hospitals in Plateau State after consuming excessive quantity of salt and bitter kola to prevent Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) attack.

The two, were rushed to the hospital by their family members after they suddenly collapsed in the morning, having consumed too much of salt over night. They later died of high blood pressure in the hospitals.

According to medical personnel in the hospitals, where the other patients are currently taking treatment in Jos, some developed ulcer, while others stool profusely, having consumed the table salt in excess.

Some have said salt is not harmful, but actually salt overdose can be fatal. Please spread the right message.

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