Friday, August 1, 2014

19-Year-Old Beyoncifies Pictures With Her Ex-Boyfriend After Bad Breakup [Photos]

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A 19-year-old Toronto native named Cassandra Blackwel is using Beyonce in a way not many have thought of as she goes through a very tough breakup with her boyfriend.

While some ladies will try to get over their breakup by playing Beyonce's Irreplaceable while burning up, throwing out or deleting pictures with the ex, Cassandra decided that she didn't want to let go of those captured memories altogether. She settled on altering her photos to help her cure her breakup pain.

And this is where Beyoncé comes in. Cassandra Blackwel didn't just remove her ex-boyfriend from their pictures together, she photoshopped Beyoncé over his face and/or body, then uploaded all the pictures to a Tumblr page titled, “Beyoncify My Boyfriend.”

According to her, seeing photos of herself sharing happy moments with Bey –whether real or not– is helping her get over the breakup. She wrote;

"The pictures aren’t the best quality, but that’s kind of the point..I have no idea how to use Photoshop. I’m not trying to properly cover him, I’m just slapping him with Beyoncé, and people are really responding to that. It’s an ode to how much effort I put into the relationship, if you will." 

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